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    Interesting note, although hardly surprising, that Borges has a comment from someone close to Daniel Graham who says "the Pats will have one chance to sign (me), then I'm gone". Its only interesting in that you have to wonder if this attitude is permeating the NE locker room and will eliminate the perceived "home town discount" or players "taking less to win a championship".

    Winning SB 41 will go a LONG way into rectifying this situation. An injury plagued mediocre season could go a long way to hurting this team's future with their current players approaching free agency.
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  2. BPF

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    People were saying the same things with Milloy situation.
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    For me, the Branch situation has been all about not giving in to a holdout. Seymour "won" a new contract with a holdout to a degree (but he is a player with possible Hall of Fame credentials - a once a decade type player for a team). Watson tried the holdout route before Seymour and was stuffed.

    My feelings are that Branch is a very good (not HOF) type player who the team and it's MVP Brady would like to have on the field. But BB and SP can't give in that level of player after Seymour or they would be dealing with holdouts from every supposed underpaid player (Koppen for example). So Branch's holdout was doomed from the start - the Pats had to make a point, so that future players can't use the holdout techique. Management is now back to the Watson rep rather than the Seymour rep.

    I still hold out hope though that Deon comes to his senses and makes lots of money, but still stays a team with TB for the rest of his career. If Branch stays and wins another SB MVP - he could be a Lynn Swann type HOFer and that is worth a lot (of money and honor) forever.
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    I agree with Clayton, if Branch is moved at all it's to the Seahawks. Now if these teams are still in contact with his agent after the Pats deadline to negotiate has expired we can go after them for compensation, that's why Mangini is covering himself with this comment: "That's a matter for them to work out. I'm focused on the guys we have."

    From Clayton:Seahawks the player for Branch: If Deion Branch is going to be traded, the Seahawks -- not the Jets -- will be the team to get him. The Seahawks are interested because of Darrell Jackson's knee problems that haven't gone away in two years. Jackson didn't practice or play a down during the preseason. He came off the physically unable to perform list Saturday so he will try to practice to get ready for the season opener against the Lions.

    Seahawks | Team offered Branch a six-year contract
    Sun, 3 Sep 2006 11:08:37 -0700

    John Tomase, of the Boston Herald, reports the Seattle Seahawks offered New England Patriots WR Deion Branch a six-year contract worth $39 million with a $13 million signing bonus. Branch was given permission to seek out a trade with another franchise; however the Patriots were not willing to let Branch go for a second-round draft pick.

    Jets | Trading Coles looks like speculation
    Sun, 3 Sep 2006 07:09:53 -0700

    Mark Cannizzaro, of the New York Post, reports New York Jets head coach Eric Mangini shot down speculation the team was looking to trade WR Laveranues Coles. "Laveranues is a member of the New York Jets. I have said several times all the things I like about Laveranues and his toughness, which he shows week in and week out, his ability to catch ball in traffic, the things he does in running game," said Mangini Saturday, Sept. 2.

    Jets | Deal for Branch dead in their eyes?
    Sun, 3 Sep 2006 07:08:46 -0700

    Mark Cannizzaro, of the New York Post, reports highly placed New York Jets' sources have told The Post that the WR Deion Branch trade with the New England Patriots is "dead" mostly because the Patriots are asking for way too much, at least a first-round draft pick. "He's under contract with another club and I respect their privacy and his privacy," head coach Eric Mangini said. "That's a matter for them to work out. I'm focused on the guys we have."
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    There was a magic about the Patriots in 2001, when they ran onto the field as a team, and that magic had to fade. As so many people have said, the character of the team each year is different. I think there's less carryover from the previous year than many fans would think.

    As for the effect of holdouts on team attitude, players look across the NFL at what works as much as they look within the team. The FO looks at individual players as much as they think about team policy. Branch got an extension offer after holding out from minicamp, as did Seymour. We don't know if Graham got an offer.

    If the FO wants to keep Graham, they'll make him an offer before the end of the season. But they don't have enough info yet to make the offer, since it probably depends on how the new OLine and Thomas perform.
  6. brady2brown

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    Just like it only takes one or two teams out of 32 to give a good WR great money, it only takes one or two WRs out of many to give the Pats a good deal. Or RBs. Or safeties. Or whatever position.

    Not every player will take a discount to play for a chance at a ring, but not every player will put money ahead of playing for a ring either.

    Branch has the rings. He's been there, done that. Now he wants money.

    There are guys out there that have made a lot of money, but never been in the superbowl. Some of these guys just might say, "You know, the difference between getting 6 million a year and 4 million a year will not make that big a difference in the quality of my life. I think I'd rather play for the team with the best chance of going to the Superbowl." That's why the Patriots, Steelers, Colts, Eagles, Cowboys, and other teams will always get guys to sign.
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    I think home town discounts are a thing of the past.

    You may get a glimse of the future soon. Jonathan Kraft was asked

    recently why the Pats had not spent to the cap. He said that the

    money had been reserved for Ty Law, Deon Branch, and then other

    players whose contracts will be expiring. We lost Law and may lose

    Branch. Let's see whether Jonathan is true to his word.
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    The patriots very well may have intended to give Deion a raise this year, but the brat camp screwed themselves out of a raise. Just because they put money aside for a certain thing doesn't mean they have to spend it. Since the brat camp refused to negotiate the money set aside for his possible raise is now extra money. If there's somewhere worthwile to spend it, I'm sure they will. But spending it just to spend it would be foolish IMO
  9. jeffd

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    I think people are looking at this wrong. The Pats had no obligation to let him seek his own deal. From a player's perspective I think the Pats are treating him well. Letting him seek his own deal is much friendlier than saying your under contract, play or don't. He really isn't costing the team anything to sit on the bench and the team can still franchise him next offseason and get some compensation for him.
  10. upstater1

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    True to his word how? What do you want him to do? Look, if the Patriots sign Givens and Branch, they are out an average of $12 mill which happens to be our number under the cap. Next year, a lot of salaries will escalate, we know that, and the cap will only go up $6 million.

    At this point, you bring in a couple vets, reserve $2 million for injuries, and you guarantee the $7 6 mill left for the likes of Seymour and Brady.

    That means the Patriots will spend to the cap, and it puts them $12 million under to start next season, a season in which they will have 3 key free agents and possibly FAs from other teams to sign.
  11. brady2brown

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    Old news. They ended when we cut Milloy.
  12. Bostonian1962

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    Yes, indeed they were.

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