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Braintree's Tax break for GIs is catching on.

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by cupofjoe1962, Nov 26, 2008.

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    Feb 4, 2008
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    City Councilor Kevin Coughlin has proposed that Quincy follow the steps of neighboring Braintree
    which in September began offering a first-of-its-kind property tax break to citizen soldiers.

    Coughlin said Quincy's ordinance would essentially mirror the one passed by
    Braintree. National Guard members and Military reservists posted to Iraq, Afghanistan
    and other overseas hot spots would get a pass on their property tax bills while they are on active duty.

    To qualify troops would have to earn less in the military than they did in
    their civilian jobs. The tax break could be applied retroactively for service
    since fiscal 2002.

    This is a grea idea. Hopefully additional towns will follow the Braintree lead.
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  2. PatriotsReign

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    #18 Jersey

    I agree. No soldier should end up in financial hardship because he/she is serving our country. this is a great idea COJ!

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