Brady's 8th completion milestone against Panthers

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by goheels22002, Nov 16, 2013.

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    He'll never equal Farvre's picks either
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    Ya know, I was impressed with the importance of this stat---until I saw Warren Moon is 7th, Vinny Testaverde is 9th, Kerry Collins is 11th and Matt Hasselback is 16th alltime.

    Kinda killed the buzz.......
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    Interesting take on careers. It's a different era with different rules, but the others on the list do not diminish Brady's achievements. If anything, it should make us appreciate the longevity of guys like Moon, Testaverde and Collins. Drew Bledsoe is right there as well. The only way you get to these milestones is by playing a long time.

    Warren Moon completed more than 6,800 passes including his CFL years before he had a 17-year NFL Hall of Fame career. That Brady passed him against the Steelers went unnoticed but is still impressive in that Brady did it in 3-1/2 fewer seasons.
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    **** YOU I wanted to make the first Favre throws picks joke.
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    The completions are great, but the wins are the stat I have been watching, and as it stands Brady is going to own all of the win categories if he plays 4 more years. He could do it in three but they would have to play like the 2003-2004 teams. He is 17 behind Manning and 43 behind Favre with 7 to go this year. He will be under 40 behind Favre after this regular season and is in even better shape when play-off wins/losses enter the equation. 3 really good seasons would have him within a few wins of the record, the fourth would put him over the top. Manning is on his last legs and his arm is rapidly approaching noodle territory, and great as he has been it's obvious he's close to the end. Brady has at least 3 good years in him and he has the team around him to keep it going for that span. It may be a little OT but that's the stat I really follow, and having him end up as the winningest QB in history would be a great way to end the debate, especially when winning % and Super Bowls are factored in.

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