Brady with A-Rod in Miami playing Poker?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by mikey, Mar 9, 2006.

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    3x Superbowl Champ in his regular job and over the break he gets to play golf and poker with the pro's. Not a bad life! Except for that Hernia operation, I'd say he's probably having a pretty darn good off season. Anytime you can hang out with Beyonce' is good too!
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    A Rod " Oh, so that's what a championship ring looks like."
    TB has a few, Ed Reed has one and even Bernie Kosar earned one as a Cowboys backup....
    If the ARod jinx continues, we all know how the US will do in the World Baseball Championship and it won't be pretty...
  4. mikey

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    My first reaction was:

    What's the clean-cut All-American Tom Brady doing hanging out with such shady characters as A-Rod playing card games in Miami?

    I don't mind seeing Tom playing golf with Michael Jordan.

    But playing card games with A-Rod gives me the jitter.

    A-Rod has been reported playing in illegal poker joint here in Manhattan.

    The guy is not a good influence for Brady for sure.

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  5. lobster

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    Supporting a fellow player's charity event isn't the worst place Tom could be seen. Good for him.
  6. smg93

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    I don't really mind going to casino's every now and then just for kicks. It's all in good fun. I love Jordan, but more than A-Rod, Michael's the one who is known for betting big bucks in Casino's, card games and golf.

    Regarding A Rod giving you the "jitter", that wouldn't be Derrick would it? haha, kidding.
  7. mikey

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    Did you mean Derek?

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  8. smg93

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    Haha, Touche'.
  9. Pats67

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    Oh, for crissake. Is this what you want from Reiss? Jesus.
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    Mikey, your affection for Google leaves you shortsighted and ignorant in many cases...take the blinders off and chill on the good cop, bad cop routine (your specialty).

    I can't stand the Yankees as much as anyone. But for you to demean the character of Alex Rodriguez shows your ignorance. The man is married and extremely generous with his money and time.

    Rodriguez is the national spokesperson for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and routinely is involved with helping the poor. Especially in New York and the Dominican Republic.

    Perhaps you are not aware his father abandoned him when he was in the 5th grade...he then made a choice to be a winner in life when he easily could have strayed.

    Your impulse to post everything Google to posters who can easily get that information themselves exposes your biases to the articles that scintilate your brain...I.E. get a clue and do your homework before you slam someone who has far surpassed many in aiding the poor and helpless. Your choice to post innuendo over facts exposes you as a media driven dope.
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