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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by BradfordPatsFan, Oct 8, 2006.

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    A lot gets made of Brady vs Denver. Let's not forget that he usually struggles vs. Miami as well. I noticed in another thread a link that shows his passer rating as actually lower vs Miami than it is vs Denver.

    It has not always just been the Phins' secondary either with him. Yes, Madison, Surtain, and company always made life difficult for Brady. However, Taylor, Thomas, etc in the front seven are his nemisses as well.

    Also, it seems that Brady gets more balls tipped vs Miami than vs any other team. Has anyone else noticed this?

    Bottom line, Brady hasn't played to his/our lofty standards yet, and the Pats are still 4-1.
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    Brady has problems against Miami, though today was arguably is 2nd-best performance against the Fins (hey, ZERO picks!).

    FWIW, at 8 TD's/3 INT's, Brady has his best TD/INT ratio (after 5 starts) of his entire career. The completion pct needs some work, but it'll get better.

    Also, 4-1 is our 2nd best record after 5 games during the Belichick/Brady era.

    We'll be alright folks.
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    IMO this was Brady's best game of the year. He took control of the game in the 4th quarter with the no huddle, reversing field position. He converted several crucial third downs. As far as his performances vs Miami they are uniformly bad.
    Career prior to this game against Miami:
    Record: 6-4
    154 cpl/275 att/1660 yards/ 6.04 YPA/14 TDs/11 Ints/74.2 rating

    average per game: 15/28/166/1 TD/1 INT

    Today's game
    16/29/140 yards/4.8 YPA/2 TDs/0 Ints/91.2 rating.
    Comparable, but better than usual because Brady avoided INTs.

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