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    ok just like my roy and rodney thread we also are argueing about who's better btwn Brady and Aikmen. It pretty much started when he sent me an article saying aikmen could have been a HOFer with any team and that the only reason Brady would get in is because he is in the Patriots system. Now i compared stats and brady has been a far better QB just in his 5 yrs of play. So how could someone say that aikmen could have gotten in the HOF with any team but brady couldnt have when he has played better and w/ worse recievers. Aikmen pretty much got in b/c he had 3 rings he did not have HOF calibur stats. Now sure brady will get in b/c he also has 3 rings but he also backs those rings up with stats. So who is better?
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  2. 5 Rings for Brady!!

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    Re: Brady vs. Aikmen

    Brady has much better stats with a much worse surrounding cast, including worst WRs, worse Rbs, worse O-Line (by far at times). Also, the Defense has been less consistent than the Cowboys, being good one year and bad the next.

    Both were good QBs, and both will be in the Hall Of Fame. Both QBs understood that there are more important things than padding your stats like Manning. That is true leadership and maturity.

    Aikman has been an honest, straight up member of the media as well, resisting the urge to be a biased jerk like the other Ex-players in the media.

    Maybe you should not try to argue so much with other team's fans, and just participate in a fan site were we talk about the Pats and don't worry about the Cowboys.
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    Re: Brady vs. Aikmen

    Who are the Aikmen? Are they an expansion team?
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    Re: Brady vs. Aikmen

    There really is no intelligent argument against Brady.

    No QB has ever won more often. PERIOD. EXCLAMATION POINT!

    No QB has won with less surrounding talent than he had in 2001. PERIOD. EXCLAMATION POINT!

    You could make a solid argument that Aikman was actually the system quarterback. He only threw more than 19 TD's once in his career and more than 17 twice.

    The point that I always bring up though is how the Cowboys rarely missed a beat when Aikman was injured. Whether it was Walsh, Buerlein, Kosar, or Garret, the Cowboys offense continued to roll.

    The same statement can not be said when they were missing Emmit, Irvin, or Novacek. Whenever any of those three were out, Aikman and the offense struggled miserably.

    In conclusion, it's not a far reach to conclude that Aikman was a very mediocre quarterback who lucked out to be on a very talented team with playmakers at every key position that enabled him to have a successful career.

    Aikman basically had to retire b/c he lost his playmakers which exposed the many flaws in his game.

    I will say this about Aikman though. He did elevate his game in the postseason. His postseason stats were far superior to his regular season stats. Of course...It could also be argued that that was simply b/c his playmakers elevated their games.

    As far as the comparison with Brady goes, it's just foolish. Brady took over a team with very little offensive talent that had lost 19 of their previous 25 games and led them to a 14-3 record and a super bowl win as a first year starter. Very few QB's, if any, could have excelled with the surrounding talent that Brady had in 2001.

    Truth be told, Brady is one of the best 2 or 3 QB's to ever play this magnificent game. Aikman doesn't even come close to the Top 10.
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    Re: Brady vs. Aikmen

    You should make friends with some Pats fans. No more disagreements then, right?
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    Re: Brady vs. Aikmen

    Respectfully, this is a pretty short-sighted argument. Both are HOF quality QB's. Brady did more with WAY less, and was far more clutch and will almost certainly have won more Super Bowls by the time he's done. Also, if "your guy" is Troy Aikman, it's worth spelling his name correctly.
  7. PATSNUTme

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    Re: Brady vs. Aikmen

    :rofl: Well Done! What will be the next thread for this Cowgirl newbie troll? Switzer vs BB?
  8. NEDAL

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    Re: Brady vs. Aikmen

    actually "my guy" is Brady. How could you think i like aikmAn if i was the one giving my friend all of Brady's stats and saying he is the better QB.
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  9. marty

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    Re: Brady vs. Aikmen

    Hello! Hello!

    The season is upon us.

    Aikman is done, finished.

    Brady is still playing, so sit back and enjoy!
  10. chris_in_sunnyvale

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    Re: Brady vs. Aikmen

    I'm glad somebody brought up this point. In those '92/'93 titles, Aikman played great while knocking off an excellent 49ers team in the NFCCG each year. I think it's foolish to dismiss Aikman due to the superior talent he had. He was a very good QB who elevated his game against top-notch competition.

    That being said, Brady's Flu Game vs. Pittsburgh is the stuff of legends. His performance in SB39 from the 2nd quarter on was amazing and doesn't get nearly enough hype that it should (for God's sake, 3 Eagles DBs were in the Pro Bowl and the best one - Sheldon Brown - should have been. Coupled with a ferocious blitz, only Brady could have picked that D apart and he did). His SB38 performance was also great, despite both defenses falling apart in the 2nd half. And what can we say about his final drive vs. the Rams? Good Lord was that awesome. Aikman's got nothing on Brady when it comes to post-season excellence. And Brady's not to shabby during the regular season, too ;) .
  11. desi-patsfan

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    Re: Brady vs. Aikmen

    Thank you i was just thinking that. And to be honest, you dont need too many stats to argue that Brady is better.
  12. Handel

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    Re: Brady vs. Aikmen

    It's AikmAn.

    This message was a curtesy of Spelling Jugend.
  13. Yankees/Colts

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    Re: Brady vs. Aikmen

    Just like Tommy Boy padded his stats last year when he had no defense, right?

    Yeah, Brady understands there are more important things like having a dominant defense, big special teams plays left and right and a legendary clutch kicker. A Tom Brady led team minus all those things = mediocrity. A Tom Brady led team minus those things = 2002 and the first half of 2005. And, I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of those Tom Brady led type teams in the future.

    Yeah, but he had little to do with it in 2001. The guy threw ONE TD in 3 postseason games.

    Yeah, right. Tom Brady is not one of the true greats. You have the truly great QBs like Unitas, Favre, Marino, Young, Manning, Elway, etc., and then you have the Terry Bradshaw, Tom Brady wing of game managers, who are only mentioned because of team victories.

    That's the idea.:rocker::singing:
  14. desi-patsfan

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    Re: Brady vs. Aikmen

    Um Manning is a great and Brady is isnt? Favre is a great and Brady isnt? Sigh...colts fans.
  15. maverick4

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    So that's what happens when you combine the idiocy of Yankees AND Colts fans!
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  16. NEDAL

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    whats funny is he didnt put manning first or last on the list which in my mind makes it seem like he was just trying to slip his name in there unoticed
  17. tkayo

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    I liked those Dallas teams, but Aikman was a stiff who had a good D, a good running game and most importantly Michael Irvin. His presence in the HOF is just because the HOF is biased towards QBs and in some cases SuperBowls.
  18. Yankees/Colts

    Yankees/Colts Banned

    No, I'm not sure he goes ahead of those guys yet, but he probably will when it's said and done.
  19. PYPER

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    Re: Brady vs. Aikmen

    Indeed. Tom Brady DOES understand that football is a team game and that he'll ultimately only be as successful as the quality of the players surrounding him. That's why he accepted a reasonable contract instead of demanding to be the highest paid player in NFL history.

    Perhaps if Mr Munster hadn't been such a greedy, the Colts wouldn't have had to part ways with so many key players this offseason.

    Let me see. In 2002, Brady led the NFL in TD passes. In 2005, Brady led the NFL in yards. So basically as the talent on the team decreases, the more they're forced to rely on their Superstar quarterback.

    That makes sense. I think it's been that way for every team in the history of the sport. Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Dan Marino, all of them.

    Wow....That's quite a bit misleading.

    1) His first game was played in a blizzard. While he didn't throw a TD that game, he did run for one and had one of the greatest clutch performances in the history of the playoffs. After falling behind 13-3, Brady completed 20 of his last 22 passes to lead the Patriots back. In the 4th quarter and overtime, Brady was 11 for 11.

    2) He was injured in the second quarter against the league's top rated defense in Pittsburgh. He left the game with the lead and after just completing a big pass play that put the Patriots in position to threaten. For his time, he was 12-18 for 115 yards.

    3) The Super Bowl was played against the 3rd ranked defense and it turned into a game in which the Patriots were protecting a lead. Throughout that season the Patriots played very conservative in order to protect their first year starter. The only time they took off the leash was when they absolutely had to. As the Raiders game and the Super Bowl proved, Brady never failed to deliver when allowed to do so.

    Only Joe Montana stands above Tom Brady right now and it's only a matter of time before Brady surpasses him. When its all said and done Brady will shatter every record relating to winning and Super Bowls. He's already got 3 SB's and he just turned 29 today.

    You see the key to quarterback greatness isn't statistical achievement. The key to quarterback greatness is getting it done in the clutch. That's what made Montana and Elway special and that's exactly what makes Brady special.

    I'm not interested in dogging Manning. He's a great thrower and a very good quarterback. But he's got to stop coming up short in the big spots to earn his place amongst the NFL's great QB's. Right now he's little more than this this generation's Dan Fouts or Dan Marino.

    Many people who don't really understand greatness would gladly put all three of those guys near the top of the list. But that's just b/c they don't understand greatness.

    If Manning can ever develop a consistent pattern of elevating his game when it matters most, then sure, I'll be willing to call him great. But until that happens, it's just wishful thinking from Indy Homers.

  20. Yankees/Colts

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    Re: Brady vs. Aikmen

    Yeah, that's why Tommy Boy has a 15 million dollar cap hit this season, which may be the highest in the history of football, while Peyton has a 10 million dollar cap hit allowing for, say, the signing of a Vinatieri.

    Yeah, but the true greats can actually win and flourish in that situation by carrying their teams and making the playoffs, others end up playing .500 football.

    Joe Montana was a great QB. Tom Brady is a good QB.

    Did you watch your team play last year? Have you been paying attention to your offseason? Why do you think it's just going to be like magic for the Patriots to win more Superbowls?

    Brady=clutch=myth. Brady's career postseason rating is 89.4, Peyton's is 89.3. Brady built his clutch legend by setting up a nearly 50 yard FG for Vinatieri and setting up another FG when the ball was kicked out of bounds and the Patriots started on the 40. Nothing spectacular really... Without Vinatieri, not much at all...

    If Brady can develop into a truly great QB like Montana did the second half of his career and shows that he can carry a team beyond the "all he does is wins" Terry Bradshaw type argument, then I will call him a true great. Until then, his plaque resides in the game managers/I won because of my defense wing. :rocker: :singing:

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