Brady one of the most hit QB's in the league?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Phokus, Jan 5, 2006.

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    I got in an argument with someone over this who thinks brady isn't 'tough'... i remember during some patriots games they showed that while brady is one of the least sacked QB's, he's one of the most hit QB's... They don't have that stat on and nothing came up in google... anyone know where i could find that stat, even in an article?
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    2 things come to mind when you talk about a) Brady, and B) QB's PRAC (passer rating after contact). When Zach Thomas talked about Brady earlier this year he said something along the lines of "I hit Brady about as hard as I have hit someone in this league in a long time. I mean right in the ribs. I thought I hurt him but the kid got right back up and patted me on the back. After the game, he found me on the field and said "Nice shot". So I don't care what anybody says about Brady, the kid is as tough as they come". The PRAC was (if I remember this correctly) written by "The Sports Guy" (Bill Simmons) on page 2 on ESPN's website. It took into account what a QB's rating was after he was rattled by contact. It concluded that Brady had the highest Passer rating in the league which substantiated the belief that Brady was playing at a different level than most QB's. Bottom line, Brady as we all know has been hit high, low and illegally for the last couple of years in the NFL. Most QB's get a flag for a late hit and illegal hands or helmet to the head. And I for one am surprised that the NFL isn't protecting one of its most popular players the way it coddles Manning, Pennington and a few others.
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    It's the five layers of protection
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    Which is what?
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    As always Tony is partly right, we might have noticed a bit of line degradation when our most experienced Pro starter at the end of the season was an NCAA Champion Wrestler from a non-football school. However, one of the adaptions teams have made to Brady is to hit him more in hopes of getting some happy feet, they can't hope to confuse him with coverages the way Peyton still breaks down against a good team. :snob:

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