Brady on Ochocinco: 'We're Working on it'

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  1. Article Article In the Starting Line-Up

    Brady on Ochocinco: 'We're Working on it'
    By: Ian Logue

    Coming into Sunday's game against the Giants it appears there was an effort to try and make this the week that wide receiver Chad Ochocinco more involved in the offense....



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    And I am working on being a Millionaire :bricks:...gonna take a little more time ;) :cool:
  3. Sciz

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    Well Ocho getting open regularly only took 8 games. Now if Brady and him can get on the same page in another 8, he'll be ready just in time for the playoffs!
  4. Bella*chick

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    He didn't look too happy with him on the sidelines after the third or fourth flailing miss at the ball.
  5. BlueThunder

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    There was no ringing endorsement at Brady's PC after the game ...

    TIME TO END THE OCHO EXPERIMENT.......Price (get healthy) or even Slater are a better option at this point.....Ocho won't be here next year.....

    They need some speed deep....and Ocho isn't the answer....he's insurance only at this point.......
  6. RhodyPatriot

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    Uh Tom, I think your receivers will have a much easier time catching the ball if you lead them rather than throwing it into their body where a defender can deflect it or throwing it behind them or leaving your passes 6 inches off the ground.
    Hope you're working on THAT bud.
  7. MoLewisrocks

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    Tom often times is putting the ball in a place where the only guy who can get is it his receiver who isn't getting much seperation in coverage. Or in the only place he can put it when he's under pressure to get the ball out. Really good receivers, say like Welker, make those catches most of the time. Our young TE's are talented but still inconsistent. They weren't at the beginning of the year, which in hindsight was almost too easy, which is why he continues to go to them. Lately neither is a given. My one overwhelming thought from the outset of this game was they better figure out what Welker wants and give it to him... And they really need a solid 3rd option WR because good defenses are getting pressure with 4 and that is creating coverage issues that demand nearly flawless execution not only from Brady but from his targets. Too many drops and whifs and too few OMG grabs from anyone not named Welker again yesterday. Also too many QB hits and tipped passes and too few yards on the ground that weren't manufactured by a shifty back... I know Dante is a legend and these linemen grade out as quite talented, but something isn't translating and they keep getting owned at the LOS. It was good to see Frick and Frack (Light and Mankins) having a little chuckle on the sidelines though, wouldn't want them to loose their sense of humor and take it too seriously.

    It's unfortunate that Vareen can't seem to do a thing besides take up a roster spot. Ditto Chad. And Price is apparently too fragile to make it out of a walkthrough. And of course Edleman who really has to focus on manufacturing yards because at the end of the day neither he or his STmates are particularly special. And that has increasingly included Gostkowski who hasn't been nearly as automatic as the guy he replaced since his injury and his new multi year deal, the kind his predecessor never got... Makes me recall some pundits predicting that the first guy to replace Vinetari probably wouldn't turn out to be the guy who actually replaces him.

    Of course in the end it all came down to not being able to make a stop with less than 2 minutes to play...deja vu all over again. That happened even when we had all those core defensive players we miss these days. All of which leaves almost no margin of error for an offense that is increasingly prone to making them. Both young TE's who were so thoroughly lauded out of the gate for their ability to catch anything in their vacinity seem to have developed a case of the yips as the season has progressed and their coverage has tightened. Branch isn't getting open much, maybe too many days spent coaching and acting as Chad's unit support system instead of working on his own game. Chad is just a waste of a roster spot that Price is just too fragile to snatch away from him altogether. Brady is at the point he can barely stand to make eye contact with Chad...I think for fear of reacting the way he did yesterday...

    No more bandaid ball. Unfortunately for this season coaching bandaids are all Bill has to mask the deficiencies in this roster on both sides of the ball. We can't move the ball consistently, and we can't consistently stop the other team when they are. You really can't avoid growing pains on an NFL roster, although Bill has seemed determined to try to. We need to grow an offense and a defense that clicks and where depth is just that and veteran leadership does just that. I know Bill hates mistakes, but we're going to need some more young higher ceiling talent that can outgrow mistakes if we are going to win or even seriously make a run at another championship before Brady's time here winds down in frustration for all concerned. And we're going to have to give them some playing time during the growth process because giving it to veteran players with theoretical high floors but little long term upside just isn't cutting it because their floor isn't high enough to be competitive against the better teams.
  8. Dutchmaster617

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    That Brady and his milestones

    Best QB/WR duo: Brady & Moss
    Worst QB/WR duo: Brady & Ocho
  9. IllegalContact

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    so nobody's going to mention the balls through gronks hands or the balls through woodheads hands?

    I'd like to see the pats make some plays that take advantage of the routes that had made ocho successful in the past......

    on another note, they should just bag price if they're not going to put him on the field......I watch kerley learn on the fly with the jets and winder why the pats can't commit to give guys opportunities like that. its going to be the familiar story where someone like welker gets hurt and then brady has nobody to throw to because they didn't bother trying all season.

    they good news is that the pats have 2 1st round draft picks in 2012 that they can leverage into another half dozen or so 2nd round picks in 2015
  10. I'd say this is a perfect analysis, which translates to no light at the end of the tunnel for this team. Not until major changes are made, both with personnel and at the coaching level.
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  11. Patriot_in_NY

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    Judging on yesterday...... Looks like you need a little more work then him Tom. You were't exactly doing Ocho many favors with those passes you were throwing him. :rolleyes:
  12. stcjones

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    You know, no offense to Tom Brady who I love and admire obviously, but NOW is not the time to be "WORKING on it".

    I think both BB and Brady (even BOB I guess :roll eyes:) should have maybe had a few meetings with him or something to see how quickly he might be able to pick up this offense. In cincy, he didn't have the reputation of being the brightest bulb in the room and as a result, his routes were pretty simplified. I guess what I am getting at here is that we don't need a PROJECT WR right now on our ACTIVE roster that is unable to do anything productive for this team......WE need weapons....and if he can't get on the page by now....he isn't going to. I guess at this point it is too late to bring anyone else in......Price is obviously not going to be in the plans for this year. SO what you see is what you get. We have a guy running around out there who has NO idea what he is doing....the opposing defense knows that too and they don't have to pay as much attention to him....put one guy in soft coverage on chad knowing that Brady is going to throw to the outside and Chad is going to "cut it in".....
  13. Dutchmaster617

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    It sucks that everyone is looking to next year already, not only that but as if a switch will be hit and things change.

    Why is football the only sport where you can't make changes halfway? I know it is much shorter but NBA and MLB teams always make big moves halfway or later. I just can't stand giving up after 8 games, the season just started and we are looking at another pointless draft.
  14. RIpats88

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    honestly, I thought ochocinco looked good yesterday. he was regularly beating his man in coverage...but brady wasnt himself and threw him some bad passes...of his 5 targets, at least 3 were poorly thrown balls...ocho's catch way out of bounds, the ball brady overthrew in the endzone and the ball brady just threw way too much in front of him.

    those are timing issues, and brady not being brady yesterday...its promising that Ocho maybe can finally contribute to this offense if they can get their timing together.
  15. LivinLovin&Breathin_Brady

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    I think it has more to do with timing than it does Ocho learning the system and Brady's timing with him is clearly off. I'll give it a little more time, before I start to trash Ocho. He isn't the only out there screwing up, Branch can't get open anymore, Gronk dropping two passes in a row and he dropped one in the earlier part of the game as well, Woodhead dropped passes. As far as I see other than Welker, none of the others are doing any better than Ocho, they're just getting far more time on the field.

    Brady and Belichick isn't sweating this loss much, I'm sure because they know the game was decided by the refs, in fact they seem very positive about this loss, don't be shocked when they blow the Jets out again.
  16. supafly

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    No reason to give up on anything.

    As far as the draft goes-- I think even crazy, conservative Belichick has a limit; and I think his limit is quickly approaching. I personally will not be expecting the 'same old, same old' results, but then again that talk can be had in the offseason.
  17. RayClay

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    Glass half full...Brady was not exactly accurate overall and Ocho was getting open.

    That still doesn't mean he was making the right reads, but lets assume he was most of the time, that's as good as any WR in our offense except Branch and Welker who are probably the best at synching with tom for the whole era.

    It's quite obvious BB does not care who you are or how much you make, he'll cut your ass, so I'll assume they are getting closer and feel there's upside for this year.

    Another top receiver would be a big boost, it's too bad we don't have some dog teams to practice on, tough games every week.
  18. supafly

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    The only possible benefit that I can see to cutting him at this point would be if they absolutely needed a roster spot, and he was the best possible option to remove.

    With 6 million+ invested in him already, they may as well keep working on it, and save him in absolute case of emergency/injury.

    On another note, I am assuming that Price was once again--injured with a hamstring pull yesterday. Is there any more that you have heard in regards to this situation? For example, is it likely that we could possibly see him this week? My guess is that an injury like that is probably hard to assess, and that he's week-to-week.

    Something's got to give...hell, I'd take Slater for a handful of attempts at this point. We need another option/dimension to this offense, no doubt.
  19. Sciz

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    Price's inactivation this past weekend was a direct result of his hamstring not being at 100%. Seems like he'd be ready to go this weekend, but hamstring injuries are a real pain.
  20. ATippett56

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    If you think the following veteran players have theoretical high floors than you have been sipping too much kool-aid:

    Gerard Warren
    Sean Ellis
    Albert Haynesworth
    Chad Ochocinco

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