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    The Brady family of Portola Drive in San Mateo are offering what promises to be one of the biggest hits of a San Mateo Police Athletic League auction next week: Their son, Tom Brady. Tom Brady Sr., a member of the PAL board of directors, and his family has donated an all-expense paid trip for four to New England to meet his son, New England Patriots quarterback and three-time Super Bowl champion. All proceeds from the auction and dinner will go toward PAL, which enrolls more than 500 San Mateo children in after-school sports and recreation programs with the police department. The winner, to be picked at the annual PAL fund-raiser March 10, will enjoy round-trip airfare for four, three nights at the Colonnade Hotel in Boston, Patriots tickets and a rental car for the weekend. The auction and fund-raiser dinner will be held at 6 p.m. next Friday at the San Mateo Marriott Hotel, 1770 S. Amphlett Blvd. Tickets can be reserved by calling PAL staff at (650) 522-7725 or by visiting the Police Department at 2000 S. Delaware St.

    Good Read! Editorialized chronology of Tom's games, drawn from various sources, mainly school newspapers and game recaps written by Brendan - Check it out:



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