Brady leads NFL with 21 game-winning drives in 4th quarter since 2001

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by pats1, Jul 9, 2006.

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  1. pats1

    pats1 Moderator Supporter

    Compare that to this tidbit:

  2. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks Supporter Supporter

    And what, no mention of Culpepper? Feelthepain is gonna be pissed...
  3. SeanBruschi54

    SeanBruschi54 In the Starting Line-Up

    #11 Jersey

    No surprise there. Brady just wins.
  4. RayClay

    RayClay Hall of Fame Poster

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    I'd love to see who's second. I believe that's a ridiculous amount of comebacks in 5 years.

    The article gives no clue, as it is merely tidbits.

    Found this interesting, though.

    "The only NFL team that finished in the top 10 in both total offense and total defense last season was Arizona. The Cardinals ranked eighth in both categories despite their 5-11 record."

    For the people that get a heart attack when our O or D rankings slip.

    I assume this is for total yards, but even otherwise the only ranking that matters is how many games you scored at least one point more than the other guy.:D

    I think Zona killed in the draft this year so if they don't start turning rankings into wins, there's a serious problem somewhere.
  5. SeanBruschi54

    SeanBruschi54 In the Starting Line-Up

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    That and there new gigantic stadium they are building as if they have 100 million fans.
  6. RayClay

    RayClay Hall of Fame Poster

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    Well, I like to root for a team to turn it around. They've sure been doormats for awhile.

    And they ain't in our division so who cares.
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  7. pats1

    pats1 Moderator Supporter

    Here are some more:

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  8. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks Supporter Supporter

    Obviously there defense played a significant role in this outcome, but I can think of about 29 other reasons this may have occurred. ;)
  9. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    One thing that I like about Brady is that even in games which seem totally lost, he can dig himself out of some holes. Even in many games that he loses, he makes it seem like a close game to the end. The Redskins game of 2003, where Brady threw a bunch of picks, but when time was running out, he almost wrapped the game up with a pass to Grambo, which Grambo didn't catch aggressively enough. Not a perfect throw, and great coverage, but a contestable ball which could have been fought for and snatched up. In 2002, there were a few losses where Brady managed to keep it close, even while depending mainly on inconsistent rookies at the skill positions, and without a running game. In 2005, the raw beat-down he took in the first Denver game, only to make a decent comeback which could have been possible if Givens caught the ball, or if Starks aggressively tackled his man in the final moments of the game, instead of simply standing JUST OVER the 10 yard marker until the WR picked up a first down.

    I think Brady is never out of most games, even when it is him that screws things up in the first place. This ability to perform under pressure will make a difference in his career, because when he finally has a solid offense around him at all positions, he will be able to pull out these narrowly missed opportunities. I think some of his best games are still ahead of him. If he had the Colts offense, he might not throw 49 TD's but he would be unstoppable at the end of games.
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  10. Kdo5

    Kdo5 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

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    That Denver game...even though I thought the entire game was ugly for us, Brady managed to put us right back in it. I mean I watched but after the awesome hit by Asante Samuel, everything went wrong and I wasnt going to be suprised if the Broncos blew us out by forty points. But we were within 8 as the game came to an end. Brady hit Branchm but unfortunately the Broncos gave Branch a huge hit. We lost, still Brady will never quit, and many games he can come from behind.
  11. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    To see Brady take a beat down like that, when nobody on the team is pulling their weight, and mount a comeback when it looks hopeless, what makes him do it? Most QBs would have rolled over or at least gotten unfocused and started to choke.

    This is why I think we will see more of Brady in a big way. He just is so damn competitive, and he turns piss into wine. With a solid offense, this guy will NEVER be out of a game, under regular circumstances.

    The dynasty isn't dead yet, IMO! This dog is still gonna hunt.
  12. Hok

    Hok Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Don't forget a WIDE OPEN Givens dropping a ball that would've probably gotten us down to the 20.
  13. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks Supporter Supporter

    It already has, and the only folks who cannot see it or acknowledge it are more often than not trolls - and lately Doofin' trolls - and talking head mediots who really know little of what really made this team a success to begin with.

    There is a quote in Patriot Reign (which all trolls should be forced to read before being allowed to post their own QB's assessment or their system crap about our QB here ;) ) that speaks to this:

    " For the Patriots Tom Brady was the fictional charater they put on paper and watched come to life. That's truly what happened. Pioli and Ernie Adams rewote the scouting manual long before the team drafted Brady. If you read the Patriots manual on the characteristics of a perfect quarterback, it's a Brady outline. It may not capture all the qualities of the real thing, but it comes close. As Brady carried the team closer to where it watnted to be, from a six game winning streak at the end of the 2001 season to a win in the snow in a divisional playoff against Oakland, the manual began to read like the quarterback's biography. He was everything the Patriots wanted. "A quarterback for the New England Patriots must make the right decisions and make them fasl.", reads part of the manual. "Just because a person is smart does not necessarily mean they can make quick decsions under pressure."

    On a February evening in New Orleans a smart Brady would make quick decisions under pressure. A worldwide audience would learn what the late Rehbein had seen in 2000. Brady was a team player. He would drive his team as far as he could as quickly as he could. And when he couldn't go any farther, he was confident that a kicker could finish the job."

    The other thing that he has other QB's (some of whom may in fact be more physically gifted) don't is a healthy, manageable ego. You need one to get this far against the odds. What stymies the others is that success, particularly early success, often breeds unhealthy, often unmanageable egos. Both want to win. Brady just doesn't care how. That is why he is truly free to do whatever it takes with whomever he is given to work with. And that in turn helps his teamates do likewise. He tells them if you do your job I will do mine and mine is to get you there and put any one or more of you in a position to secure the win for our team. They believe in him because he has proved to them time and again that he will do just that remarkeably consistently, and it is never over until he says it's over (something opposing players are often overheard commenting), and that belief has empowered them to believe in themselves and each other as a team and put that nagging nugget of fear in their opponents in all but the occasional blowout. And at the end of the day that is what has allowed Belichick to build a dynasty that essentially started out off the scrap heap.

    The more talent he can assemble around Brady, the easier it will become. The only real obstacle to this teams continued success is overwhelming injury, because that is what it takes by and large to put this team in a position where they almost can't win. Other teams fans perceive our attitude as arrogant, but that's just because they don't understand it has an entirely rational basis.
  14. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    One thing I hate about going to other websites is that fans of other teams always fall back on one particular way to discredit Brady. Just like we say Manning is a choker in order to dismiss his impressive regular season stats, fans from all around the net always say that our kicker was the whole reason we won the Superbowl games, and they point to the margin of victory as proof.

    I realize this will seem petty to some, but I want Brady to win a couple on his own, without Adam. And since, IMHO, Adam is declining towards the 'average' from his previous high level of play, I think Adam is ready for a dome to keep up his stats, and the Pats are ready to win a couple bowls with Brady throwing a late touchdown or two. I believe that Brady will do just that, and I think the Pats will survive with another kicker.

    Petty as this may be to some, I think it will also shut up the main criticism that haters make about Brady. Since they can't find anything bad to say about Brady himself, they claim that the kicker made the QB famous. Until we win a blow-out or two in the Superbowl, this image will stick for as long as critics can keep it alive.

    I would hate to have Brady's career highlights in the distant future be tied to kicking field goals, and I don't think they will be. I think he will have his Elway and Montana moments in the next few years, and I believe that the divorce with Adam is the first step towards Brady proving the critics wrong. I think his defining moments are yet to come, and I don't think that the critics will be able to remember him as the guy that 'set up' field goals. ;)
  15. belichickaholic

    belichickaholic On the Game Day Roster

    Brady has won 3 superbowls with hardly any offense. He's made thousands of incredable plays in just 5 years. I don't know exactly what you mean by Elway and Montana moments. But anyone who says that Brady's success is tied to a kicker is just being an a**!

    As you said, I think the offense is really gonna do well this year. I'm really excited about the impact that those first 4 picks will have on this offense.
  16. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    What I mean by Elway and Montana moments is Brady winning superbowls or big playoff games with more than a field goal kick. The current highlight reel of our superbowls is of Adam jumping up in the air, and Madden saying 'the kick is good!' Montana has his big comeback moment over the Bengals, and Elway over the Browns in the AFC Championship game, as some of their big plays that are always brought up. Brady, on the other hand, is setting up field goal kicks in the superbowls.

    I realize that the haters are being asses, I just want to take away their one last excuse, which is saying that Adam was the reason for Brady's success. I also want to give NFL Films some more interesting footage of Brady winning bowl games, with a big strike to Ben Watson or a desperate heave downfield to Branch or Jackson for a touchdown!
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  17. belichickaholic

    belichickaholic On the Game Day Roster

    OK, I understand what your saying, but I don't think your giving Brady enough credit. That throw to David Patten in the first SB was a thing of beauty. And what about the play action passes to Branch and Givens in SB38? He carried that team on his shoulders in the last 6 minutes of that game! Any other QB would have had to be taken away in an ambulance, from choking so badly. How about the TD to Givens in SB 39 where his eyes just lit up when he saw him open! And don't forget the one to Vrabel too!

    I understand what your saying and think that's one of the reasons Belichick went out and got the 2 tight ends. They're gonna be scary in the red zone now!

    This team's not done winning superbowls so I think you'll get your wish! With the QB leading the way!
  18. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    I give Brady all the credit in the world for everything he has done, including what you mentioned. I'm not talking about me, or Pats homers, or even the impartial few in the media. I'm saying that Brady has to have a statement superbowl where he blows out an opponent in order to silence the critics that still don't believe in him.

    If you read this thread from the start, I give Brady a lot more credit than some of his teammates, and I am as big a Brady Homer as has ever walked this earth. I want the rest of the country to know what you and I know about Brady, and I feel like a divorce with Adam takes away this excuse for Brady's future success.

    Like I said, this whole thought process will seem petty to some, but I want Brady to have his own blow-out superbowl, without Adam involved, and I firmly believe that the best of Brady is yet to come. He had one good year with a running back, in 2004, and they were fourth in the league in offense and I think they were one point away from being the top scoring offense in Pats history. Imagine Brady with a well rounded offense! I think it will happen.
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  19. belichickaholic

    belichickaholic On the Game Day Roster

    I agree, and that whole line of criticizm isn't just aimed at Brady either! They say we're not a dynasty because we've only won our SB's by 3 points. I think even Michael Irvin said that! (Stop snorting so much Michael!!!)

    Let them talk. The more they do, the more it fuels Brady and the rest of the team.

    But it's my personal opinion that Brady has already cemented himself as the G.O.A.T. If he can stay healthy, in time, even his harshest critics will agree.
  20. Drewwho

    Drewwho Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    ???? what does this mean? Brady gets plenty of props from his teammates. They KNOW who the man is!
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