Brady is now 76-24, Faulk is the leading receiver out of backfield..

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    Some interesting stats from Shalize Young of the Pro jo, overall for those of us who experienced the void prior to the Kraft family, these stats are very impressive.

    FOXBORO - Tom Brady on Sunday became the winningest quarterback in Patriots' history. The victory was the 76th of his career, including regular season and playoffs, giving him one more win than Steve Grogan, who had 75 victories in 138 games.

    Brady's 76th win came in his 100th career start.


    Three weeks after Troy Brown etched his name into the franchise record books (again), it was Kevin Faulk's turn Sunday. Faulk became New England's all-time leader in receptions by a running back when his fourth-quarter reception gave him 262 for his career.

    That moved Faulk past Tony Collins, who had 261 in his seven-year career (1981-87).

    Faulk had six catches Sunday for 37 yards.


    It was also a milestone day for coach Bill Belichick.

    The game against Chicago was Belichick's 200th as a head coach, including 13 in the postseason; he is one of 10 active head coach to have reached that mark. Belichick is 118-82 for his career.

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