Brady effect on offense

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  1. MoLewisrocks

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    Saw a link to this piece on the Planet. Very short yet insightful read for those who struggle to grasp what this read and react offense some of us talk about is really all about. Receivers who struggle here even after mastering route running likely fail because they haven't mastered the fine art of reading defenses or they lack the capacity to seemlessly adjust to them on the fly in real time as their QB has...

    "Brady has built a career not on physical gifts, but on a depth of knowledge of the game.

    People around the NFL believe Brady and his receivers – such as Wes Welker – are so in tune that the Patriots don’t even call real passing routes.

    Former Patriots receiver Deion Branch said that’s all part of the plan. Even the meticulous Belichick said Brady’s preparation is extraordinary.

    “He’s a hard guy to coach because he’s so thorough that it forces you as a coach to be just as thorough as he is,” Belichick said. “He knows as much as you do or has seen as much as you have seen.”

    Brady isn’t bound by play calls. Only by how much his teammates can recognize the things he does.

    Burress observed that it appeared Brady and Welker, who tied for the NFL lead with 112 receptions last season, were running option routes most of the time.

    “It got to the point in the season where they weren’t even running routes,” Burress wrote in his book Giant. “They were just running where the people weren’t. It was very obvious … If you look at their tapes, nobody gets open that much. You just don’t, not if you just call a play.”

    According to Branch, Burress is right. What Brady and select other quarterbacks such as Peyton Manning and Drew Brees have been able to do is get so in synch with their receivers that they can simply react to how the defense plays.

    Welker played the situation off as normal. But he is considered one of the brightest receivers in the game, a guy able to take advantage of his extreme quickness because his mind is nearly as fast as his body.

    ” (Brady) just sees the same thing I see, so it’s just a matter of us executing it the same way,” Welker said. “It’s both people understanding the game and understanding coverages and how to attack coverages.”;_y...DubYF?slug=jc-brady082208&prov=yhoo&type=lgns
  2. MrBigglesWorth

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    good stuff.
  3. Raffy15

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    is brady the only qb in the nfl that can do this?
  4. Imperator

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    I doubt it. But there are certainly very few who can do it with the same proficiency as him.
  5. sebman2112

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  6. JoeSixPat

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    I guess the interesting question here is whether or not Brady, in making calls on the fly, has any tendencies that DC's have noticed.

    Seems like we're hearing - at least from the talking heads - that DC's were adjusting to Patriot tendencies late last season. It'd be human nature (yes Brady's human) to develop some tendencies when running plays on the fly and if you're routinely calling the option, those tendencies are going to reveal themselves.

    Now obviously Brady's a smart guy - and the OC is the one who is supposed to be noticing such tendencies and advising on how to compensate. So if DC's are adjusting I'd tend to think that Brady's ready to do the same.
  7. SVN

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    all we have to see the effect of brady on offense is to see this preseason without him and brady 2 yrs back with gabriel,gaffeny,caldwell and every other unknow receiver.
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