Brady could have easily thrown for 450 yards - but had pity on the Jets D

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOTSFANINPA, Sep 10, 2007.

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    Theres no doubt in my mind that Brady and the O-Line had the Jets defense at his mercy and this is not just an exaggeration,I truly think if Brady had decided he wanted to throw 40-45 times in that game he would have reached or surpassed 450 yards and probably would have out 50 points or more on the board.

    The Jets are lucky we don't have a coach like Dungy who likes his QB to pile on passing yard stats when his team is way ahead on the scoreboard.

    I think Brady could have found several open receivers if more passing plays were called in the second half,of course we did not need more points and it would not have been good sportsmanship if we did that but I have not seen a Jets secondary torn to shreds like that in some time,they has absolutely no answers for anything - The game was not as close as the score indicated IMO ...and that was by a 24 point win
  2. Mogamedogz

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    BB DID run the score up on them....

    Did you see the CLASSIC smirk on his face when he challenged the Evans TD (I think it was 1st and goal, with like 2mins to play, and we were up by 17. :D
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    Agreed but I think the posters point is that the Pats really did not have to do 2 6+ minute drives in the 2nd half which primarily consisted of running plays to run out the clock. If Brady wanted to pad his stats and go nuts 450+ would have been easy. He seemed at times to be just toying with that jets d.
  4. AtivanPatsFan

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    Exactly as previously posted, there was no reason for Brady to continue throwing.

    All that was needed was the run game to succeed and kill the clock.
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    What would be the point? Stats are meaningless unless they directly lead to wins. When the game is in hand you go to running plays to run out the clock.


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    Um - Go tell that to Tony Dungy - Peyton was not only still on the field during the blowout but was throwing passes into mid part of the 3rd quarter when the game was easily in hand.
  7. LA Pats Fan

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    Be careful - you can not compare the Colts Defense with the Patriots.

    The Colts did not build a Pro Bowl Defense.

    The Defense is Built to play behind a lead. They are fast and swarm to the ball.

    The Offense has to keep on scoring for the Defense to be effective. Teams that are within 10 points could still and should run the ball right at them.

    Look at the team stats from last year NE was 2nd in scoring Defense, the Colts were where?
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    The Patriots mostly ran the ball in the 4th quarter and then took a knee at the end. They don't "run up the score" the way many other teams do. Look at the Colts last week. I mean, what do you want, the RUNNERS to take the hand-off and just lie down?
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    I'll say this, the year Manning threw for 49 TD's, I was watching them play the Lions. I think the Colts were up by 30 in the 4th quarter, and they still had Manning pass for another TD. I'll never forget seeing that.
  10. sanvara

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    Middle of the third quarter? That's way too early too sit on the ball. You do that in the 4th quarter.
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    They didn't slow down out of pity...they slowed down because it's the classy and intelligent thing to do.
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    No, c'mon. Obviously they slowed down because they lost the video guy stealing the signs...right??:singing: :singing: :singing:
  13. cblesz

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    Please. We could have given you our playbook and we still would have bit@h slapped you...Oh, that's guys tried multiple times to get your hands on some info.
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