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  1. jason423

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    Normally I wouldnt start a post but I just wanted to link to Bradys page if you want to see the backend numbers of the new deal for Brady and the dead money associated with them. Ill soon be switching all the AFC East minus the Jets to the new website just to make things easier for me so Im not sure if Ill update his entry on the jetscap site or not.

    Tom Bradys Cap Hits

    And its an amazing deal. Brady earns an extra $1 mil in cash this year and $2 mil next. All he got for it was injury protection the next two years that allows him to cash in on the back end if he couldnt play anymore due to injury. No other player in the NFL would do this.

    Feel free to merge with other threads I just didnt want it to get buried right awat.
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  3. BSR

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    Amazing work...thanks for all the effort you put into that!
  4. BradyManny

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    Good work. Borges and Florio should be forced to read this. Anyone who thinks the Patriots signed some funny contract with bogus years at the end should read this.

    Brady's here until he's 40. The soonest the Patriots could really cut ties with him is in 2016. This is a real extension and they really expect him to play out the life of it. I don't know why that's so hard for some of the mediots out there to get.
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