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Brady and Receivers '06 vs '05

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Patsfanin Philly, Oct 31, 2006.

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    I get tired of these one note announcers who harp on the players who left the Pats, especially the receivers and how they "aren't what they were". Now a look at the facts.

    2005 after 7 games Brady had 9 TD passes and 4 Int
    2006 after 7 games Brady has 14 TD passes and 4 Int
    He's on a pace for 32 TD passes, best of his career

    As for the receivers who left,
    Givens (injured partly) has 8 catches 104 yds 0 TD
    Branch (5 games) has 17 catches 261 yds 2 TD

    Gabriel has 20 catches 257 yds 3 TD
    Caldwell 22 catches 224 yds 1 TD

    I'll leave the salary calculations to those more knowledgable like Miguel...
    The intangible is how Caldwell and Gabriel will perform in the playoffs, we already know how Givens and Branch did.
    Oh and 17 of those catches last night went to guys NOT on the roster last year.......

    Just my $0.02,
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