Brady and Belichick

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by godef, Sep 8, 2008.

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  1. godef

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    I suppose we will be getting a better idea of which of these two HOF2B's have been more responsible for the Patriot's success.

    Through the championship seasons 2001-2004, I had always presumed that Belichick was the man, but that, as behind every great man is a great woman, in the NFL, behind every great coach is a great QB.

    For the longest time I never thought Brady was quite up there with Manning, though one area he did excel in was clutch football. Then I slowly began to see the light when I considered the relative lack of tools Brady managed to succeed with. And finally in 2007 he got those tools and proved beyond doubt that HE was the man. So perhaps behind every great QB stands a great coach...

    It's easy to say both a great QB and a great coach are needed to win championships, but is this really true? I can think of several QBs who have won a Super Bowl whom you never heard much from again... Jeff Hosteteler, Doug Williams, Earl Morrall, and I can also think of coaches in this same category... does Barry Switzer come to anyone's mind?

    We have been very lucky to witness the crossing of TB's ad BB's paths and enjoy a dynasty. Now the QB is down, and what happens the rst of this season will be interesting to watch unfold.

    Certainly, a SB win is no longer quite the possibility for the team this year. Take away Bart Starr from Vince Lombardi and what do you have? Take away Joe Montana from Bill Walsh and what do you have (OK, before Steve Young). Take away Phil Simms from Bill Parcells and what do you have? ... ooh, that's right, you had jeff Hostetler...

    We're back to 2001 and BB needs to put what parts he has left and make a Super Bowl team. Certainly I don't mean to compare Cassel to Brady no more than I would expect to ever win the lottery once, never mind twice. But IMHO, the sum talent on this 2008 team, even without Brady, is far greater than the 2001 team, so the question becomes is how critical was that one (green-at-the-time) player in a position of leadership to the Super Bowl run, and is Bill Belichick truly a great enough coach to at least make another run without his star QB?

    Stay tuned, true fans. Make way for the bandwagoners to exit.
  2. maverick4

    maverick4 Banned

    Like the 49ers with Montana and Walsh, I would say that both Brady and Belichick would have been successful had they not had the other.
  3. JSn

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    If we make the playoffs and leave without superbowl rings, we're on par with the last few years. That would be a good first year for Matt as a starter.
  4. SVN

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    i dont know why it cant be both . if brady was healthy and BB was not our coach , would you feel confident ? its easier to put the pressure on BB to see what he can deliver but remember- more teams fire their coaches than replace their QBÅ› for a reason other than money. they think they can win them games.
    i dont like belichick being sold short just because he is in this position. if anything, after last yrÅ› scrutiny he pulled the team through the distraction and went them go 16-0 .so he has already proven in my book that he is as indespensible as brady whatever the record is this season.
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