Brady 2nd to Daryle Lamonica when it comes to carrying a team

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    Tough to win when you have to throw the ball 40+ times

    My first guess for the top of the list would have been Bart Starr; he had an incredible playoff record. But then again, winning in the playoffs and 'carrying' the team to victory are two different things.

    Cold, Hard Football The Mad Bombers: QBs who can 'carry a team'

    Some of the guys on the bottom of the list you have to give a pass to, because they were simply playing on very bad teams: Steve DeBerg, Steve Spurrier, Jon Kitna, Archie Manning, Joey Harrington, etc. Granted none of those guys should be in the Hall of Fame unless they buy a ticket either, but it's no surprise their record is so low. One name that did surprise me was Jim Harbaugh; I wouldn't expect 1-14 in this category from a guy who was known as 'Captain Comeback'.

    Bottom line is if you're throwing the ball more than 40 times a game, it most likely is because you are down by more than a touchdown - which makes any winning percentage over .500 fairly impressive.
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    Re: Tough to win when you have to throw the ball 40+ times

    Harbaugh played on teams that were run-first offenses and had aggressive defenses (Bears, Colts). If they were passing all game it was because they were getting shellacked.
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    Some people shouldn't be allowed to use numbers.

    Still, this almost totally meaningless statistic gave me a laugh to think what Brady and Daryle LaMonica had in common.
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    LaMonica had a 78.4% winning percentage as a starter, so I guess he was 8% better as a hander offer than when he was carrying the team.:rolleyes:
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    I used to love watching Lamonica play ... the team was greater than him.
    Those were some great years for the Raiders ... fun to watch on Sundays.
    Brady would have been better in that era also.

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