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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Oct 9, 2007.

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    good stuff. appreciate the effort from Tomase.
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    finally someone out htere who saw the play
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    It's great to see a journalist doing the spadework. Thanks to Tomase and thanks for the reference.
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    The real question I have here is why are the Browns trying to spike a ball in a game that is essentially over. People get mad at teams running up the score, but don't get mad at a losing team doing all it can to get meaningless points and risking injury to both sides. Buffalo showed the class not to do it in their game, why are the Browns any different. And to further the point, why are players (expected) to take a spike play off and not play it like any other play? I realise we were not playing the Colts, but fake spikes are still quite possible from other teams too.

    To me, this shows the dedication and energy level this LB corps has this year and if your offense is stupid enough to want to play in dead time (unlike Buffalo's), you better be ready on every play.

    I guess it also shows thanks to camera-gate, we are going to get a lot more the Pats are bad guys whinings that the media is going to publise throughtout the season; and this is even before Harrison has been on the field much.
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