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BostonBullit Replay, Pats vs Jets (no camera sh!t)

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by BostonBullit, Sep 13, 2007.

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    Nov 17, 2006
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    ok, I sat down last night and watched the Pats Jets game with judicious use of my 30sec skip button on my Media Center machine and here's what I saw that is of note...I don't like to talk about this stuff that much just after the game because I spend my game time enjoying the game rather than rewinding and slow-moing to watch specific stuff:

    The Good:
    • Randy Moss is evil, sick, nasty, all of the above.
    • Welker is going to be everything we had hoped (ie the new Troy style guy)
    • Brady CAN throw the long ball, and with great accuracy.
    • The O-Line is getting better at opening holes for the runners.
    • The Run D looked great

    The not as good:
    • Pennington had way too many completions for 5-10yrds out in the flat, and to a lesser extent on the sidelines. This was the killer in the AFCCG and it still needs work.
    • Red Zone pass D needs work, maybe Assante needs more time to get in game shape but he got burned good on that second run of the same play. this could be a height issue as well, he obviously went after the ball after the receiver caught it becuase he had no chance of getting over him to bat it down before he had it.
    • AD looked good at ILB but not amazingly good, especially in pass coverage. too be expected as he adjusts to the defense. He had a few really great bat downs but also a few mis-reads.

    In all it was a solid performance. If they have that solid a performance against SD this weekend AND SD plays the way they did against the bears then it's the Pats game. If they play that way against SD this weekend and SD plays like they did in the playoffs last year then it's closer but the Pats should still have it. Any way you take it it's gonna be a good game :)
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