Boston Globe responds to Anti Borges E Mail

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by borg, Jan 13, 2006.

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    In response to my E Mail regarding the "Fat Jap" comment supposedly made by Borges on WEEI, JT Sullivan, Sports Editor of the Boston Globe responds:

    "Ron Borges is one of the best football writers in the country. As the
    author of "On Football" stories in the Globe, he's paid to have an opinion.
    One of his most recent opinions was that Bill Belichick should be the NFL's
    Coach of the Year. In past stories he has written that as a member of the
    Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee, he will lead the effort for
    Belichick's induction when the time comes. I see no bias in his work at the

    As far as I am concerned, Sullivan should be fired as well. Either he is too stupid to recognize that a majority of "Wrong" Borges' expert opinions are inaccurate and often selfserving, or he is willing to sacrifice the high standards of journalism that the Boston Globe once maintained in order to achieve tabloid sensationalism at its worst.
    Twenty five years ago, I use to pour through the Sunday sports section when I was a kid. I devoured every stat and read every word. Even when I moved out of New England, I still subscribed to the Sunday Globe because it was the best sports read in the country. It saddens me that a once great institution has been diminished so much.
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    I keep trying to tell people, the more they ***** about Borges, the deeper he becomes entreched at the Globe. The only time he's on shaky ground is when people STOP commenting on his crappy column writing.
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    We're all suckaz!!!!

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