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    If you are of a mind to tell the Globe what opinions you might like to express about Ron Borges, here is a set of email links you might find handy to cut and paste into your email To: address box. These addresses along with a general compendium of Globe personnel and their email addresses can be found at:

    P. Steven Ainsley - Publisher <>;
    Richard J. Daniels - President/Globe Newspaper Company <>;
    Alfred S. Larkin Jr. - Sr. Vp/Human Resources <>;
    Joseph T. Sullivan - Asst. Managing Editor/Sports <>;
    Reid Laymance - Senior Asst. Sports Editor <>;
    Greogry H. Lee Jr. - Senior Asst. Sports Editor <>;
    Kenneth M. Fratus - Asst. Sports Editor <>;
    Robert A. Holmes - Asst. Sports Editor <>;
    John S. Thurston - Asst. Sports Editor <>;
    Ombudsman <>;


    I included at the end an email address for Cold Hard Football Facts. You might want to cut and paste it separately into the Bcc: address box if you don't care to make the Globe folks aware that you are copying CHFF on your email. CHFF has published a link which opens up an email to many of the above Globe contacts. And they included their own CHFF email address so I guess you could presume that they are interested in knowing how many people might be sending emails to the Globe. The addressees on that email that opens up if you click on their link is a little out of date. One of the addressees is Richard Gilman, the Publisher of the Globe who retired last September. The above email contact list includes P. Steven Ainsley who is the new Publisher. CHFF email link is as follows if you were to be interested in that:
    pass along your greetings to the Globe bigwigs
    which appeared in their article:
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    Won't give them the satisfaction. Besides previous mail on this so called journalist have had zero impact. I'd rather encourage people to stop buying the paper.
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    This is why plagiarism is a serious thing:

    Borges is now being credited by other publications, and the poor shlub in Tacoma (who came up with this) gets no cred.

    It is stealing. If the Globe allows this, then that is what they do. White collar crime.

    If the Globe says this is alright, then why should they complain if someone buys one paper at a machine, but instead of taking just one copy, empties the entire machine and resells the papers for self-profit? I would say that is what Borges did - - but he did worse. The newspaper stealer would have to cross out the bylines of each writer and insert his own name if he were to stoop to Borges' crime.
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    Hey, shmessy, by no means am I attempting to defend Borges, but the part that is quoted in the article was some of Borges's own "original" hogwash (presumably) in his football notes.
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    The LINK, however, goes to the mostly word-for-word plagiarized piece. Full paragraphs in that piece were word-for-word Sando's work from February 25 (7 days earlier). Sando gets no cred. The fact that Borges wrote an original opening paragraph to precede the felony does not matter.

    Once again, if someone stole Boston Globes out of a newspaper machine and drew a smiley face on the front page, while crossing out the Globe's masthead and the names of each writer of each article does that mean it is the criminal's work and he can CHARGE other people for it?

    This was Sandos work, his ACTUAL words and Borges took them without attribution. If it was Borges taking the idea and putting his own words to it, then that would have been different. Cutting and pasting and then being credited by other publications as being his idea is just fithy.

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