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Boston College/University of Boston law

Discussion in 'The PatsFans.com Pub' started by Jlaff, Mar 14, 2013.

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    I just wanted to get the general perception from those in the Boston area on the reputation of both Boston College, and The University of Boston's law schools. I'm a Canadian Pats fan and I'm thinking of attending these schools mainly to move to the Boston area and watch my favorite team. I also have a true admiration for the United States and would love to become a citizen one day.

    I have the GPA and LSAT to attend BC or UB but of course not Harvard. I was wondering if that might hurt my employment prospects in the area. Although BC and UB are listed among the top 30 law schools, does having the degree factory that is Harvard so nearby hurt the reputations of these schools in the Boston area? Will I be considered second rate in Boston because I didn't go to Harvard and have my job prospects limited in the area because of this?

    I realize this may come off as an odd question, but to go to Boston for school next year would mean I have to decline offers for this year in Canada. I don't want to put off an entire year of school without some strong idea of how that would be a benefit in the end, and the answers to these questions do factor in for me.

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    Well, Harvard only graduates about 600 J.D.'s a year. I would assume that there are more than 600 opportunities each year in the Boston metropolitan area.

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