Borges really HATES Belichick

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATSNUTme, Sep 29, 2006.

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    We all know that Borges doesn't lik BB. But, it wasn't until last night watching him on Four Downs With Felger, theat I realized that he really hates Belichick.

    This is what he said:

    1. When things start falling apart for the Patriots, Belichick will start blaming the ownership, like he did in Cleveland.

    2. BB when out and asked Holly and Galbrastat (sorry about the spelling) to write books about him.

    In the preface of the Holly book, Holly said that he approached BB and expected to be tossed out. Galb- said that he approached BB about that book.

    It's not only what Borges said, it was the look on his face when he said it, that lead me to believe that the dislike is full blown hate.

    The Globe should put him on the beat of another sport bercause there is no way he can possibly be objective in his coverage.

    Did anyone else see this?

    Too bad we can't post a transcript of those statements. Even if we could it still wouldn't give you the look in his eyes when he said it.

    I think there is a replay tonight for anyone who is interested.
  2. Brownfan80

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    If I fabricated my work everyday at my job I'd be fired.

    I'm not sure how he manages to simply lie through his teeth to try and make points so consistently and still remains employed. It's pretty rediculous.

    How can BB blame ownership when he has full control of the team?
  3. BelichickFan

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    Most of us can't watch it anymore :(

    Regarding Halberstam, he said that Belichick said no to the book until it was presented more in the context of his early childhood with an emphasis on Steve.

    Regarding ownership, first I don't remember Belichick blaming Modell other than the move. And when the team announces a move midseason, yeah, I would say the ownership shoulders the responsibility. The Browns went a game into the playoffs, beating Parcells and the Patriots, the year before. Second, Modell was basically broke, which is why he moved, which handcuffed the team in the new FA system. Although I still don't remember Belichick blaming Modell over that. Unless he means years later I guess.
  4. Amnorix

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    In other news, the sun is rising in the East today.
  5. PatsDeb

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    And Bogus reported it would be rising in the West.
  6. SVN

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    i dont watch felger's show anymore simply because of borges's presence..there is enough overdose of analysis...this board is enough for me to get the analysis of the team ;)
  7. PatsFan37

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    I find Borges more amusing than anything else. Few who have heard his past comments takes him seriously, and I suspect his personal attacks on Belichick are one part true despise and a smaller but definite part that is his trademark position.

    Felger clearly admires Borges and is doing his best to carve out his own trademark position as the 'realist'. Which is hard to do when you toss realism aside to seek out a contrary position.

    So why do I watch? Russ Francis and Don Banks are knowledgeable commentators who speak what truth they know. Same as watching NE Tailgate for the telestrator analysis -- a small but crucial part that makes it all worthwhile.

    I really should record the show and watch it later, so I can skim through the crap.

    BTW, here's why I think Reiss is the most balanced of all the commentators. When asked why he sides with team management so much, he replies:

    Well said, Mike. Keep those columns coming.
  8. Garbanza

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    I met some ESPN Boston radio rep's yesterday. They were asking my opinion on the Boston Sports Radio market. I told them the following:

    You could have done better than Felger for the afternoon show. Sure controversy is good and in this market - negative is better than positive because most Boston fans are more comfortable beetching about something. However, he will forever been known as a cheese head from Wisconsin. Sorry. Someone more "local" would have been a better choice.

    I told them they could possibly turn off a lot of potential viewers with his FSN show with Borges. They said, "hey, it's good drama." I said, "no. and I tell you why." Felger can get away with "negative" spin because it's "sort-of" thought out, he usually prefaces it with "it's my opinion" and everyone sort of knows he does it for effect. Borges, on the other hand, does it out of hatred. He CLEARLY has an agenda filled with venom. Therein lies the difference. I told them that I do not watch that show BECAUSE of Borges. I told them that I encourage others to do the same too.


    I encouraged them to check out this site. Let your thoughts be known!!!!!!
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  9. SVN

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    Thats the most important line...almost all these shows are done for drama not for actually information..and espn is the king of drama
  10. Garbanza

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    As far as Radio goes - does anyone do drama better than 'EEI?
  11. brady et al fan

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    I don't know what it is with the Boston media but its the same with Red Sox coverage, just different names. These guys must be coached to just criticize since anything else is boring journalism.

    And I think some of these guys just like to sound original in front of their press peers and so they take a contrarian position. This is Felger's shtick anyway. I wonder if Belicheck gives a crap what guys like Borges say about him.
  12. Franchise12

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    If Borges accidentially slipped into the shark tank at the boston aquarium and I was the only person there that saw it, I would probally walk away and wouldnt call for help. I HATE THAT IMBREAD, JOKE OF A FOOTBALL WRITER.
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  13. PatsFan37

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    What? Toss him in a shark tank? What kind of an old chum do you think he is?
  14. MoLewisrocks

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    He first came up with his "will blame ownership" theory on Felger's radio show this week. It was a result of FELGER contending in his own half-assed musings that PERHAPS in light of all the bonus $$$ that is being expended on Tom and Richard (Felger referred to $50M but in total for those two it's more like $45M spread over 3 years) OWNERSHIP believed they could not absorb the additional bonus $$$ that would have been necessary to re-sign or acquire others. He suggested maybe ownership set a limit on the outlay they were comfortable committing to for the forseeable future. Borges deemed that kind of rationalizing by FELGER a blame the management strategy when in fact he contends Belioli are under virtually no constraints budgetarily.

    So bottom line Felger was trying to make a case that they were possibly restricted from making bigger offers to players because of ownerships concern that they would be overcommitting resources. Borges is claiming that Felger tossing that theory out there somehow constitutes Belioli blaming ownership - again. They are both essentially blowing smoke out their *******s. I'm sure Belioli has carte blanche within the confines of team revenue to spend it when and where they choose. While temporarily exceeding what revenue will cover would likey require approval from ownership - on this or any other franchise. Just like in Cleveland where he could field any team within Modell's pathetically limited revenue stream but he could not field a team that exceeded it or keep that team from being relocated or imploding when faced with the reality that it suddenly and abruptly would be - and that the HC had been kept out of the loop.

    The decision on how to manage this team philosophically or financially in a salary cap limited environment emanated from Belioli. Anyone who was around when Kraft was making those decisions several years ago understands that. Bob negotiated from the heart like a fan and not the head when it came to football decisions - as even the most otherwise brilliant businessmen tend to do with their sports ventures because they it was the fan in them that led to the acquisition and fans want to win. Belioli had to clean up the remnants of a cap mess Kraft created when they took over here, and having left a situation where Tuna had just created another one in an effort to turn around a floundering franchise they obviously had some sound ideas on how not to run an NFL franchise which they then implemented here. Those involved not overpaying for existing or FA name talent in order to placate veterans to talked to Borges, but rather to seek out or retain only those who were both willing to and capable of potentially out performing their contracts as part of a winning formula for constructing a championship team. In other words building around players for whom football mattered more than stsatus symbol contract spin.

    Borges has always contended that it would not work. Once it did he shifted his criticism to contending it wouldn't work for long. After the 3rd championship in 4 years he refined his mantra to Oh yeah, well it won't work forever and I'll be here to remind you all I said that once it happens. He is almost giddy at the prospect that in week 3 of Belioli's 7th season we could be entering blind squirrel territory. ;)
  15. TomBrady'sGoat

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    Why do you guys still watch/listen to/read these guys? Awhile ago I discovered WEEI's stream and I was hooked on being able to get talk about my Boston sports. I have since stopped listening to it except for occaisionally listening between 10-2 because Dale and Holley aren't idiots like the rest of them. Why would I choose to listen obnoxious jerks trash my favorite teams?

    Last time we were in NE my girlfriend went to pick up a paper and I nixed her purchase of the Globe. I wanted to read about the Patriots and i didn't want to see a Borges article.

    It isn't hard to filter out the known idiots.
  16. SVN

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    sure they are bad but dale and holley at least have decent people for interviews so i listen to them occasionally and that show at least doesnt have an agenda like felger's.The big show ? not so much...its a scream show...
  17. Crowpointer

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    I saw it and my Jaw hit the floor. I was at the book signing when Holleys book came out. Holley spoke about how he was nervous about approaching BB about doing the book and was suprised when he said OK. I wish Holley would call Borges out on this because it is an out and out lie.
  18. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks Supporter Supporter

    Not that it would sway their opinion but I wish the reps had bumped into someone who could have presented a more rational case for the opposition than the silly he's a cheese head mantra and I don't watch his FSN Show. Fact is Felger the Cheesehead was the most informed and respected mediot on the Pat's beat until he went negative as a means to expand his bank account. What he does on FSN has no bearing on his ESPN gig unless you pointed out to them that it forces him to associate with idiots and spreads his talent too thin and causes him to miss multiple segments on his own show thus making them look like fools for giving him one. And as reps seeking opinion on the Boston sports radio market they could care less what you "watch" since their interest is in what you "listen" to.

    What you might have told them instead is they will never beat the behemoth that is WEEI when it comes to attracting the half-assed idiot confrontational male 18-49 demographic, and a better strategy might have been to commit to persue the broader based and untapped intelligent 30 and over football fans who spend their days tearing their out because there is no sports radio show for them in this market that doesn't risk making their ears bleed. And while our interests are more parochial we are the same demographic that would be inclined to listed to their mid day national lead ins rather than Ordway and Co. which is what they need the Boston market to do or the whole forray into Boston sports radio is doomed to fall flat on it's face.
  19. Garbanza

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    I'm guessing they are realistic - they want to take a small bite out of 'EEI - they understand that "taking over" is impossible. However, if I refuse to "watch" Felger because of Borges - there's a really good chance I won't "listen" to him either. Whatever, the bottom line is that the more listeners they get, the more ad's they can sell, the more money they make.

    So, I questioned the way they were trying to make inroads locally - I rather doubt that the "rabid" (their description, not mine) fanbase of NU Huskie football is 'gonna do it - or Harvard Basketball (they have contracts to air both). I spoke to them about a lot of stuff - not just Felger the "cheese head."

    Anyway, PM me your email address - I'll be sure to forward it to them You are obvioulsy smarter and more astute than I am. Your view of things are far superior and certainly closer to the truth. I bow down to your intellectual superiority, Mrs. Edwards-Felger.
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  20. RayClay

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    In the original Batman movie, the Joker falls into a vat of chemicals and after surgery is left with a permanent grimace in the form of a smile.

    He somehow blames Batman for his fate.

    I believe Borges is the psychotic clown whose only satisfaction would be BB's ultimate demise.

    Starting with the Jokers quote from the Batman movie and some Wiki nerds analysis of the Joker character, I have replaced Batman and the Joker with the names Belichick and Borges. you be the judge.

    The Joker speaks:

    "I have given a name to my pain, and it is Belichick"

    Part of Borge's prominence among Belichicks's enemies likely derives from the fact that he represents the antithesis of Belichick's personality and methods. Belichick is almost always depicted, even in the campy 1960s television show, as a serious, stoic man who pursues his campaign against crime with utter earnestness and a disciplined, focused mind. In the darker portrayals of the comics and more recent films and television, BB is further depicted as a brooding and humorless avenger who pursues justice as an enigmatic shadow striking from the dead of night. Borges, by contrast, is literally a killer clown, driven by a disordered mind to pursue destruction and chaos with as much panache as possible. His appearance and actions suggest the bright and garish pomp and circumstance of the circus. Nightwing has stated that he believes the Borges and Belichick exist because of each other; that Batman represents order and Joker the chaos that challenges it.

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