Borges article on Zak DeOssie

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    A good read. His father on EEI the other day says he thinks he'd be more of a Vrabel type player then a true inside guy. Zak sounds like a Patriots type player though, loves football, high motor and knows the game. Borges says he's projected to go 5th-7th. My guess is after the combine he'll be projected more in the 5th then the 7th range.

    FYI: The linebackers and D lineman workouts are Monday at 11:00 on NFL Network
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  2. ironwasp

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    It is a great read. He sounds like a terrific kid.
  3. DarrylS

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    Some discussion of him on the Draft Board, after letting Blackmon and Tatupu go elsewhere would like to see him in a Pats Uniform.
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    How did the Pats LET Tatupu go elsewhere? Many people thought that Seattle REACHED BIG TIME to take Tatutpu in the middle of the 2nd round. The Pats had already drafted Mankins in the 1st. The Pats ended up trading DOWN out of the 2nd round later on.

    As for Blackmon, what has he accomplished? Only slightly more than Garrett Mills from what I can see in the Blackmon had 1 tackle in 4 games while Mills was "red-shirted" due to injury.
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    I think he now goes as high as the 3rd round. He's 4th round caliber easily and if someone wants him they would pull the trigger sooner than that.

    Back when I suggested Zak as a good value pick in October I was thinking he was a 6th round choice.

    His performance in the Shriners Game showed a lot of scouts what he's got against better caliber competition than at Brown. I think he's someone who you'll see work up the board as we get closer to the draft, especially if he does well at the combine.

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