bolts haven't proven anybody wrong or anything for that matter

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  1. If there's anything the colts or any other playoff team could have taken away from the san diego vs. Tennessee game is that the bolts are such an immature team.
    How could philip rivers have the nerve to yell at his receiver after he threw a horrible pass well in front of the intended receiver, there's no way it wouldn't have been intercepted. Was this vincent jackson's rookie year or what? Because he sure acted like one. Who in the world celebrates after every first down reception, only someone on an immature team. Im surprised LT wasn't complaing on the sideline as he usually does.
    Fact of the matter is everyone saw that the chargers are the one team that really doesn't belong anymore in these playoffs. If the titans actually had a decent offense san diego wouldn't have won this game. They didn't deserve to win this game.
    With all that said GO BOLTS this next weekend. I really hope they can pull it off against indy so they can go and get smacked by the Patriots
  2. makoute

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    Why the sudden obsession with the chargers?
  3. eom

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    as much as I'd like the pats to embarrass the sorryass bolts, there's no way I can root for them over the colts.
    I'll just have to be content watching a pro organization torch them next week, to set up an indy grudge match just the way god intended.
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  4. Fencer

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    Since the Chargers are unlikely to beat Indy -- especially by your analysis -- they're not a major concern for me right now.
  5. Calciumee

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    Exactly, to sound like BB, concentrate on Jacksonville!!!;)
  6. Cashman

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    I liked how BLT celebrated on the sidelines as if the game was won at the 9 minute mark when he made his pathetic td on the second effort. This after nearly crying on the sidelines in the first half. That's one of the biggest babies in the league when things don't go his way.
  7. fleabassist1

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    Yeah by beating a playoff team with NORV as their HC ... that didn't prove a thing ;)
  8. makewayhomer

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    if you look just at yesterday, ok...if you look a more accurate sample (say the last 6 or 7 games), no.

    the Chargers are only a bit behind the Jags, and better than the Giants and Seahawks
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