Bobby Carpenter=Not a good team mate?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATSNUTme, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. PATSNUTme

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    I have heard and read rumors over the past few days that Bobby Carpenter "is not a good team mate".

    Every time I hear it or read it I scream 'WTF do you mean- EXPLAIN".

    Has anyone else heard this? Any details? Could this be disinformation before the draft?

    Is it "when did you stop beating your wife" kind of things?
  2. PonyExpress

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    It's from Nolan Nawrocki at Profootball Weekly. He says Carpenter's not liked by his teammates and isn't a good leader, and has tagged Carpenter on the value board as a character risk. But he also said it does not seem to be affecting Carpenter's draft status, so apparently NFL teams aren't as hung up on it as he is...
  3. Pats726

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    I haven't heard of that...but I bet smokescreen....
  4. zippo59

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    Even if it is true I don't think it's that big a deal because he will not be expected to be a leader, at least not right away, and the Patriot's team oriented attitude is contagious. Put him around Brady, Bruschi and Rodney for a few weeks and see if his tune changes.
  5. PATSNUTme

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    I get PFW and saw the "ch' next to his name. Read the write up in the profiles and the 'on line' mentioned what I said.

    That is what drives me crazy. If he is "not a good teammate', OK, then how? why?

    I saw an interview with AJ Hawk and he praised cArpenter and wasn't asked about him. If he wasn't a good teammate the Hawk would have said nothing.
  6. zippo59

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    I think you can't give much weight to these little unsupported comments. Who knows what specifically, if anything, is being referenced. Someone might have looked at Willie McG's scuffle with Izzo against Denver last year and say he is not a good teammate, but Pats fans know otherwise.
  7. World Champs 3X

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    I think It's a little overrated. This team has plenty of vetran leadership and will keep him in line.
  8. Handel

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    His limited upside play against him too.
  9. tailgater

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    If Hawk had said anything else, he'd be the one with 'bad teammate' label hanging on him. A 'no comment' would have been even worse.
  10. Seymour93

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    Didn't fellow Ohio State alum, Andy Katzenmoyer, have this same problem?
  11. PATSNUTme

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    Two different people. Big Cat's rap was he didn't take any coarses while in college. Funny, because I heard that he went back an got his degree from OSU.

    Big Cat had that neck injury. If he hadn't he still might be playing for the Patriots. When it comes between being in a wheel chair or giving up football, most people will choose giving up football.
  12. Seymour93

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    After sitting out a year, I thought doctors cleared him, he came to the '01 camp and then suddenly went AWOL. Maybe Katzenmoyer was genuinely concerned, but I don't know, you gotta question if he had the desire/heart/character to play football.

    What's up with Ohio State, BTW? They just edge out Miami for producing the most prima donnas. Teresa Glenn, David Boston, Maurice Clarett...
  13. the taildragger

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    this is totally unsubstantiated grade-A bs and the reality couldn't be any further from the truth.

    The timing of these stories is reason enough to ignore them. I figured they'd go after the kid's leg rehab, but character assassination?!


    OSU fans are scratching their heads and fuming over this. He was the heart of the team. This kid doesn't need to be kept in line by good clubhouse people -- this is insanity! If you were drafting guys solely based on character you'd take this guy #1 overall.

    There is so much money involved with the draft and so many agendas creating noise. Nobody ever bothers to ask all these experts and gurus what their actual credentials are...who the heck is Kiper?...where did he go to school...where did he come from?...he's a god damn car salesman folks (the glasses are a nice touch too).

    We live in an impatient society that doesn't bother to verify anything and gives attention only to the most ridiculous stories. Therefore, you're now guilty until proven innocent (see: D.A. Nifong), and by then your reputation is dirt anyway.

    With so many media outlets, accountability has gone by the wayside and we're left with pure gossip -- which is the new religion in sports. Even has a "truth and rumors" section to compete with sites like profootballtalk. How about a little more "truth" and a few less "rumors?"

    Reggie Bush's parents got a deal on a little house from a guy who allegedly hoped they'd want their kid to contract with another guy that Reggie never did business with? At worst that's a solicitation for reciprocity which nobody in the Bush family bit on. If that constitutes a violation, it's time to amend the rulebook. And when his parents move the heck out to protect Reggie we say it makes them look suspicious?!..what else were they going to do? But the details don't matter to us, it's the appearance of impropriety -- how could this affect his draft stock?'s sick.

    People are looking for dirt and manufacturing headlines, and sadistically destroying lives in the process. Nobody is spared...God forbid if TB ever runs for office, his closet will make the Kennedys' look like preschool (when your QB is Brady you suddenly become Joan Rivers).

    I'd just hate to see this kid lose money over this, or have this ******** end up determining his future...but that's exactly how this sordid affair works.
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  14. Feep_FLA

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    Its getting as dirty as politics nowadays.... If can't say something positive keep your damn trap shut! But this is the NFL nowadays..... take it or leave it....:bricks:
  15. Pats726

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    Did you see a picture of the house?? Are you saying that this is NOT in anyway a violation of NCAA rules?? I think you had better get a grip on
    what is and is NOT a violation. The details WILL be very interesting, because
    it may cost him the Heisman. Draft stock?? won't affect that, but it certainly may affect other things.
  16. DarrylS

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    The NFL draft has become a huge enterprise, remember when it was just a Sunday by line, now there are draft parties, draft web sites, every day there are reviews of potential draftees in the makes money for the internet entrepeneurs, the papers and just about everyone affiliated with the NFL, i.e. Draft day t-shirts and hats.

    The by product of the NFL cash cow, is that they need news to keep the interest going, so there are a lot of folk out there looking for news. 20 years ago no one would have scouted out or cared about Reggie Bush's mothers home, it has become newsworthy as the NFL has the stuff about Carpenter will be assessed by this franchise and if he cannot fit in, he probably will not be drafted. I don't think he will anyways, but am sure that this staff has done their homework more than Profootballtalk has.
  17. Pats726

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    I agree Draft weekend has absolutely exploded over the years as has all the information about the picks etc. 25-30 years ago, there were a few draft guides one could buy, whle now there are many more plus a zillion pay draft sites. That is very true.
    But 20 years ago, this would have been noted, not in the way it has been now, of course, but it would have been just as much a violation then as now. Would not have gotten the same press, but probably same scutiny.
  18. DarrylS

    DarrylS Supporter Supporter

    I agree, it is an apparent violation has gotten very newsworthy..not sure if it would have gotten the same scrutiny, but that is one of those ad infinitum arguments that makes no difference in the big scale of things.
  19. NE_Paddy

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    Slightly off topic.... But I REALLY like the idea of Bobby Carpenter in the first.

    Reading the Jeff Chadia piece on and the Solomon piece in the Globe, I'm very impressed by him. His character actually seems one of his biggest assets. I'm thoroughly impressed by the upbringing his parents gave him.

    If we don't trade up to the mid-teens, I'd love to see us take this guy.
  20. the taildragger

    the taildragger Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    yes, I did see a picture of the house on TV -- looks pretty normal to me. They got a good real estate deal and did no favors for anyone. Again, if that's a violation, it's time to amend the rulebook. I guess I'm not gripping as tightly on this as most. If they take his Heisman over this, I'm going to puke.
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