Blueprint to defeating Colts revealed Sunday night

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by FloridaPatsFan, Nov 1, 2006.

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    Bill Belichick is good for at least one to three of these games every year. Take a good team and BB will give everyone in the league a blueprint on how to defeat them either offensively or defensively. Take Minnesota for example: These guys are going to be thrown on relentlessly until the Vikes find a way to stop it. Its probably not going to be too soon though. They have coverage problems.


    I have a gut feeling on this weeks game that we are going to unleash hell on Manning and once again, BB will show the league how the Colts offense can be slowed down. When the Pats have all thier weapons on D, then Bill can truly display his genius. We are at that junction now.

    While everyone in the league is looking at how to attack the Colts weakened defense, I believe Bill Belichick will do what he does best this week and show the NFL that no matter how good your offense is, a good defense will win championships.
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    I have a feeling that NE is going to do what they always do. Press the WRs to disrupt their timing and positioning. Pressure Manning up the middle so he can't step up in the pocket and has to move laterally. Ignore the run alltogether and just rely on winning individual matchups when the rush does come.

    The Jets used this exact plan to hold Indy to 17 points until 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter. At that time the backed off the WRs for some reason and Manning drove down the field for two TDs in the final minutes. For those that don't know, the Jets have maybe 3-4 guys on their entire defensive roster that would see significant minutes for NE, so I have to assume that NE will be able to do at least as well.

    If you recall, NE could not pull this off last year because their safeties were playing terribly and their Dline was not stopping the run. With bad safeties, NE had to pull the CBs off and the poor DL play led to very few 2nd and 3rd and longs to bust out more complex coverage schemes.
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    You can also count on BB not showing his entire hand tomorrow night. He never does against teams he may face again later in the season.
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    Usually Belichick shuts down Harrison but this time it will be Reggie Wayne. I think Wayne is more dangerous than Harisson due to the yards after the catch. It will be fun ... no more Edge to run it down your throat .... we can handle Addai I am sure.
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    the word "blueprint" is so cliche in the nfl these days. After a team exploits another teams weakness everyone starts saying.... "they just made a blueprint to beat this team". The reality is every team has different personnel and not a single team can truly 100% copycat a team.

    Did Denver make a blueprint to beat the Pats?

    Did the Jets almost make a blueprint to beat the Colts?

    Did the Pats make a blueprint to beat Cincy?

    For most teams.... the team they were week 3 is not the same team they are now. The beauty of the Pats is that they adapt their team to a new game plan, a new style of play each week.

    Blueprint is just a cliche term in todays NFL. Just becuase they show how to beat a team doesn't mean it will work and doesn't mean they can put it into action.

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