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    ...that's how I felt watching the Pats somehow win this game. It is BY FAR the most IMPROBABLE playoff win during this run. But on the other hand it shows just how MENTALLY TOUGH this team really is. Normally I like to wait a few days before I comment on a game, but today's win was so.... so out of character, I would only confuse myself if I waited, so here are MY observations for your comments

    1. Well. we all wondered if the Pats could win a playoff game if Tom Brady played a poor game? Today we found out that WE COULD. This was the worst I have EVER seen Tom in the playoffs. Even in last year's loss to Denver, the offense moved the ball up and down the field. Today Brady looked as inaccurate and confused by what he was seeing, as I have ever seen him. All 3 picks were DIRECTLY his fault, not tipped balls as we have seen.

    The first one to Donny Edwards was particularly bad, since HE'S the guy Brady was supposed to read. If he takes the seam route, you throw to the crossing TE (watson). If he covers the crossing TE, thorw the seam pass. Inexplicably, Edwards ignored Watson, and Brady threw to Graham in the seam ANYWAY!!??. Also disturbing was the fact he continued to miss the deep pass to open receivers.... EXCEPT the last one to Caldwell.

    I think the SD defense played a GREAT game, but Brady didn't play his best. He seemed to be feeling pressure that sometimes wasn't really there. Not always, but sometimes.

    BOTTOM LINE: Its actually comforting to know that Brady DOSEN'T have to ALWAYS carry the offense for this team to win.

    2. The key to this game, for the Pats was the great play of our OL/TE's/RBs who did a MARVELOUS job in pass protection, especially since the game play DIDN'T seem to include running the ball. (more on that later). MEGA KUDO'S should got to Dante and his magic acts, since his players made Merriman literally DISAPPEAR.

    3. Will someone please explain to me the rule that caused 2 fumbles to called "incompletions". In BOTH cases the receiver had control of the ball, 2 feet on the ground, and then turned upfield, BEFORE fumbling. I know there HAS to be sometihing I'm missing in the rule. Would someone more knowledgeable please help me understand???

    4. I have changed my opinion on Assante Samuel. They threw 2 balls in his direction and he made 2 great plays on the ball. PAY THE MAN, BILL. This isn't a WR who we know can be replaced. CB is a premium position and we are going to have to pay him "Ty Law" money...or else resign...Ty Law

    5. Speaking of CB's, does anyone else see this pattern - Find Ellis Hobbs and exploit him. He's the guy most likely to miss a tackle - He is the guy you can missmatch with a taller WR. I'm not saying he sucks, and he made a GREAT play breaking up a pass on the GL (but Samuel would have made the pick); but going into Indy next week the Pats should have a good idea on where the Colts are going to attack our secondary.

    6. Did anyone else have the feeling that if BB was coaching the Chargers' talent, the game would have been a blow out. Be thankful we got by them this year, but that is going to be one HELLACIOUS team in the near future, whether Marty is coaching them or not.

    We all knew that their front 7 was very good, but I was very impressed with their secondary. I especially liked their rookie Cromartie. He was actually the guy I hoped the Pats would tap with their first round pick. Unfortunately SD got him a couple of picks before we chose. I wonder who the Pats would have gone for if both HE and Muroney were both there.

    7. Staying on the Chargers for a minute, I have new seen Phillip Rivers, and I am now suitably impressed. He was poised, made good decisions, and NEVER seemed rattled or confused by anything BB threw at him. I'd rather have him than Rothlesburger. As time goes on, he IS going to be one of the top QBs in the league.

    BTW- Has any team made better moves in the draft. First they pass on Mick Vick and get LT AND Drew Brees. THEN they pass on Eli Manning and get Rivers, Merriman, AND Oben. Instead of 2 losers, they wind up with FIVE starters, 4 of whom are key factors in their team.

    8. I wish we would have run the ball more. We seemed to completely give up on the run. Worse IMHO, we gave up on the run formation. While I thought (correctly BTW) that the most dangerous match up for the Pats was LT in the short passing game, I also thought that Muroney in the Passing game would be a tough match up for SD. I never got to see that evolve. I'd like to see more of what the Jets do with their RBs in the short game. Releasing the RB over the middle in combination with crossing TEs hitting the guy who ISN'T picked up by the LB

    8 ADAM WHO....??????? Where do I go to sign up for the "Cult of Gotkowski" . Adam is kicking very well (a rarity among former Pats - someone who is living up to his Pats personna), but in the long run, I think the FO did the right thing, and for today at least, its working out fine.

    9. Speaking of cults, it seems like old friend Dan Klecko has found a home in Indy as a FB in thier Short yardage offense, along with a little time as a pass rushing DT. I always thought his best position would end up being a full time FB. He as decent hands.

    10. MARTY BALL- You can't blame Marty for a lot on this game. His team played hard and were VERY WELL Prepared. THat being said at the end of the game, he suddenly turned into Herm Edwards in terms of game management. First he never should have call for the challenge on the late fumble. Even worse was the time out later AFTER the Pats had an injury TO, the Chargers STILL couldn't get their stuff together in time to get the next play off without having to call their own TIME OUT.

    Lastly on the CHargers last drive, if they had rushed to the line and spiked the ball right away they should have had about 10 seconds. That SHOULD have given them enough time to run another play and possibly get the 6 more yds the needed to get their FG kicker closer. Maybe its nitpicking. Marty is a very good coach, but he's not BB. No one else is.

    11.Finally, I guess I have to comment on the LT situation at the end of the game. Frankly I'm passing it off as a fierce competitor who was VERY frustrated to be going home for the season. IMHO it was Merriman who showed poor sportsmanship with his Ray Lewis Rippoff after MERELY getting to Brady AFTER he threw the ball..... and THEN virtually DISAPPEARING for the rest of the game. If we wants to SHOWOFF iln the Pats' face, then SD SHOULDN'T get bent out of shape, when someone shoves it back into their faces WHEN THEY LOSE.

    12. Like the Pats I'm going to enjoy this won, but come Monday, we all have to TURN THE PAGE and get ready for INDY. Good job BOOMER, someone got it right.
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    Good analysis. I agree on Rivers. He will be very solid. Hopefully LT loses a step in the offseason. How old is he now?
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    Great post! I understand why you felt the urgency to post right away. I think everybody has been pumped after this game!

    I am wondering when the running game is going to appear. We won today so I can't complain too much, but damn, why are the RBs not running the ball more? I want us to push those puny Dolts around next week and not rely on Brady to throw all game to our inconsistent WRs and TEs.

    I haven't given Adam a moments thought since it became clear that he didn't want to be a Patriot, and I cetainly won't be thinking about him this week. I have liked Ghost since the day he showed up for work, and this was a good stepping stone in his career as a Pat.
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    I don't think LT loses a step. He doesn't take a lot of direct hits. I do think Larry Johnson probably has 2 or 3 years before he's all used up the way KC relies on him so much. See: Christian Okoye, Rodney Hampton, Marion Butts.
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    On the fumbles vs. incomplete, that's just a league thing this year that they lean strongly to incomplete if there's any doubt. It is what it is. I was shocked they overturned the Gates fumble at the 2, though, as it was a judgement call and not clear. Correct call or not, those aren't the type which are supposed to be overturned by replay.

    Asante, I hope we sign him too. But if he gets his money elsewhere, more power to him. He did it the right way and earned his UFA status by playing out his contract . . . unlike someone else. I still say, though, worst case we can franchise him and trade him for a #2 pick. If John Abraham can get a #1 as a Franchised UFA last year . . .

    Yes the Chargers will be good. Keep in mind, though Tomlinson has 2448 career touches. For comparison Dillon has 2862. Both regular season. Tomlinson has played six full seasons and as stupid as it sounds, RB don't last forever. He only has another year or two at this level IMO.
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    Well, Tomlinson is going into his seventh season next year. Other than Curtis Martin, there's not a lot of RB who don't start to wear down in their 7th-8th years.
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    Forgot to mention this.

    It's called "the defense playing it's ass off" :) The Chargers scored 65 points more than the Colts this year. They constantly were starting around the 50, horrible field position all day. And, yet, the defense controlled them really well except for that one little 15 minute spell.
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    With regards to the fumbles or interceptions, this is how I understand it.

    The whole thing about having to make a "football move" didn't come into play in the pass to Gates. In the act of catching the ball and going to the ground you MUST maintain possession of the ball all the way to the ground and come up with it. So when a player goes up for the ball and comes down to the ground with a defender, there can only be three possible outcomes. INC, RECEPTION or INT. There can be no fumble because in order to even be considered a catch you have to be down with the ball. It is the same with all the out of bounds catches / non-catches we see. If you bobble the ball while going out of bounds, INCOMPLETE. Same thing applies when making a catch while going to the ground. THe announcers mentioned also that rule comes into effect when entangled with a defensive player.

    Anyhow, that is my understanding of the rule.
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    Hobbs was a stud today, besides stripping Gates on the two, he forced 6'5" Jackson to drop more balls than he caught. They did choose to pick on him, a change from the norm where teams usually challenge Samuel. Asante did step up when they went at him. Tommy was inconsistent, I agree it was great to see the team pull together and win even when their leader was erratic.
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    I was suprised to see them attacking Hobbs so much because I'm so used to every team throwing Samuel's way. But I guess 10 INT's make teams go away from you. I don't think Hobbs played that great of a game but he did play very solid and made some nice plays knocking the ball out of the receiver's hands. There were a few plays I remember (although I was drinking and overly emotional the entire game lol) where Hobbs didnt play that well.

    Of course it was almost all LT today for the Chargers. That and the great field positino they had all day (but we still held them to only 21 points)
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    I don't think any of the D turned in a great game individually, but they put it together as a team.
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    YES ! I was surprised the announcers didn't mention this. If you have a 3min+ injury time out, what's the excuse for not being ready for the next snap !??!

    That was even stupider than the challenge.

  13. emoney_33

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    As it has always been and should be for the foreseeable future. I might have got sucked into the super charger individual pro-bowlers, and mixed with the alcohol, almost forgot exactly what this TEAM stands for. When you break the game tape down can you let me know if Samuel was playing tight defense all game or if the Chargers just seemed to want to try and pick on Hobbs all day.
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    Hobbs would look a lot better - and would be exploited a lot less - if he had a set of hands instead of one and a padded club. It affects tackling, jamming, and intercepting. The number of times Hobbs has been in position to intercept the ball only to have either (a) the receiver take it from him or (b) merely swatted the ball away is up there with the much criticized "stone hands" Samuel of old. This year Samuel hangs on to everything he gets his mitts on and he's suddenly a shutdown corner and the free agent market's hottest commodity. Teams no longer go at Samuel because they are afraid he'll take the ball away from them. Teams go at Hobbs not because he's a mediocre cover corner, but because he's handicapped. Today he did just about everything a one-handed corner could do. It tells you something about his skill that he with an obvious injury plays over the rest of the roster and all that was available to us on the street this year.
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    I thought Hobbs played his best game of the year, they were really trying to pick on him and except for two passes (by my count so it may be more) that he got beat on he did a great job. Even if it was just an incompletion on the deep pass to Gates, thats pretty amazing that 6'5" and huge Gates didn't come down with the ball over 5'9" 190 lb Ellis Hobbs. He stripped Jackson early in the game and hit him hard enough to jar loose another pass loose later as well. I saw an interview with him after the game where he said that his wrist was feeling good and I think it really showed in his aggressiveness which is key for a smaller corner.

    To me the unsung hero of the defense today is James Sanders. His stats aren't eye popping (6 tackles, 5 solo, 1 sack) but he really helped against LT, as he had a few nice stops coming up against him, and most importantly didn't make any obvious mistakes. People are understandably hoping Rodney can come back for the next game, but Sanders has provided some stability at safety that Geno was not able to provide. He seems to be getting better each week, and while he may not be the starting safety of the future I think he will be a very solid player for a while.
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    Ditto on Sanders! :rocker:
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    Great post. Agree on so many areas; especially signing Asante.

    Disagree a bit on martyball:
    1. SD had us SCOUTED out on offense. do you think they spent any time at all on the Jesters? (I hope the Dolts weren't watching and picking up anything. ;) ) But this scouting effort; was that Marty or the D-coordinator? .........I think the D coord. I dont see a lot for Marty to hang his hat on. He got 3 TDs from the league MVP and ZILCH from the entire rest of his team. Hell I could have figured out to give the ball to LT on O.

    2. At start announcers made a deal about how Marty is only HC without a headset on. That he doesnt get involved in play calling anymore. Then miraculously in 4th quarter when SD suddenly goes stagnant and starts burning TOs left and right; who has a headset on ................Martyball.
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    Alll I have to say is thank you for this post. You are analyzing from a pretty impartial view. We self-destructed and you guys took full advantage, which neither the Bears or Seahawks could do really in the earlier game. Mentally, your players were way tougher today. Our WR's just couldn't hold onto the ball. Anytime LT goes over 100 yards and scores 2 TD's, we win 99% of the time. But you guys are a different animal and it showed. While the Chargers were 14-2, they weren't even predicted to make it to the playoffs this season. We just got another taste of the post-season and how hard it is to win there. I guarantee they'll remember it in the offseason and come out next year to try and topple you guys. As you showed today, it won't be easy. Good luck in the next round.

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