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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Christopher_Price, Jun 16, 2006.

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  2. Pats726

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    Chris...Great info....5 to go!!!!!
    Not surprised it was 2 UDFAs....Wallace was a long shot..and (obviously they have returners who are better)...and Ayodele another longshot at DT..I think it's interesting that Drame is still with the team..maybe HE is the project they will work with and eventually get on the P Sqd.
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    Reason for Jakari not making it is porbably because Childress and Stone did very well..and Andrews did really really good in returning so i guess he didnt play as well as Stone and Childress did at WR so we let him go
  4. JoeSixPat

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    How many guys total are in camp?

    BB's doing these guys a favor by letting them get in with other teams earlier... or by giving them a reality check about their prospects of making it in the NFL
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    Great. NOW what are we going to do?! We were ALREADY thin at WR!!!
  6. Pats726

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    I am not sure 11 is thin...I think it's more quality than quantity....Besides Branch, Brown, Caldwell, Jackson and Childress...there's vet Stone, NFLEers ZSmith and Musinski, IRed McGrew and UDFAs Davis and Shelton. The problem is not depth but having someone step up and challenge. I liked ZSmith's return skills, but he is injured. McGrew is coming off a knee injury and may have reinjured it. Stone, Davis, Musinski??? I think another vet may help a great deal..OR that may NOT be necessary if ther eare good things from one of the unknowns.
  7. Brady-To-Branch

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    Thanks Chris for the info.

    Ayodele's brother plays LB for the Cowboys.

    After BB's quote from Reiss' Pieces I was wondering if there would be any cuts immediately after MC.

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  8. pats1

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    QBs - 4
    RBs - 7
    WRs - 11
    TEs - 4
    OTs - 9
    OG/Cs - 9

    DEs - 5
    NTs - 5
    OLBs - 7
    ILBs - 8
    CBs - 9
    Ss - 10

    K/P/LS - 5

    Total: 93 (Offeseason limit is 85, but the 10 drafted rookies aren't under contract yet)
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  9. Brady-To-Branch

    Brady-To-Branch Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Does that include the NFLE exemptions?
  10. RayClay

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    A little OT, but not worth a thread: Why no veteran receivers in camp? We had a lot in for tryouts last year. Are they waiting for cuts or a minor deal?

    Most of these receivers are very marginal NFLers, (sorry Bam:D ).
  11. pats1

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    Good point.

    Total Number of Players = 93

    10 unsigned draft picks = 83

    8 NFLE Exemptions = 75

    Therefore, with the current limit of 85, the Pats have just enough space to sign their draft picks.

    The cutdown to 75 comes on August 29, at which time the NFLE exemptions expire.
  12. Pats726

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    I thought the limit was 80 PLUS NFLE exemptions...which would be Doty played in NFLE...that 89 does NOT include draft the 93 in reality is 83...but as players are signed, the 89 must be looked at.
    Maybe Miguel may know the details..I always thought it was 80 PLUS
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  13. pats1

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    Who knows! I'm lost.

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