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Blackwater facing another suit for different shooting

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by PressCoverage, Dec 20, 2007.

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    now, i know that only perhaps 20-30 guys scan this forum... and maybe 3 or 4 of you will even bother to watch this video news report, ... but it's exclusive, it's news, and you won't see it on the corporate media outlets...

    i make a habit to watch DemocracyNow's hour-long news report every weekday morning, as it's an essential part of anyone's news diet, if they're being honest about the diversity of their sources... no commercials, no high-priced production sets, or snazzy graphics... just straight news and raw, extensive interview.....

    regardless, yesterday's show was among their best exclusives, and i would recommend anyone watch it if they want real perspective about our private cowboys over there .... their unaccountable propensity to shoot up street corners and kill innocent people is on full display here... it seems a week before the Sept. 16 massacre, Blackwater went on a previous rampage, killing 5 innocents... you may need Realplayer to be able to view it, but there are other options available... the headlines make up the first 3 minutes of the show, ... at the 4-minute mark, a clip begins of Eric Prince's testimony to Congress, denying innocents were indiscriminantly killed, followed by an interview with Susan Burke... and eyewitness testimony of the well-known Nisoor Square shooting by a traffic cop at the 7-minute mark...

    EXCLUSIVE…Blackwater Sued Again For Sept. 9th Attack, Five Iraqis Dead, Ten Wounded

    a snippet from the transcript:


    Susan Burke, part of the legal team that filed separate suits against Blackwater on behalf of the families of Iraqi victims in shootings in Baghdad on September 9th and September 16th.

    SUSAN BURKE: We are just filing this today, so this is the breaking news. They do not yet know it. They’ll receive the papers today.

    AMY GOODMAN: And what is understood in the community there about what happened?

    SUSAN BURKE: Well, sadly, the Iraqis, you know, they suffer from this a lot. Although the Nisoor Square shooting received a lot of press attention, the reality is that this has been an ongoing tragedy for the Iraqis. The Blackwater shooters have no regard for human life, and they use an excessive amount of force repeatedly. We have discovered information in our investigation that Blackwater has a substantial problem with uncontrolled drug use, steroid use. And that just adds to this terrible sense of, you know, slaughter.

    AMY GOODMAN: What proof do you have of the drug use, of the steroid use?

    SUSAN BURKE: We have interviewed people that have firsthand knowledge
    . [/I]


    AMY GOODMAN: The first witness we’re going to watch and hear from is Ali Khalaf Salman. He started working as a traffic guard in Nisoor Square in 2004. On the morning of September 16, he was directing the flow of traffic in the square as usual, when he spotted four large all-terrain vehicles with guns mounted on top approaching the intersection. Salman did what he usually does whenever a security convoy approaches: he stopped civilian traffic to clear a path for the convoy.

    In painstaking detail, Salman goes on to describe how the Blackwater shooting unfolded, including the opening shots that killed a mother and her son. Ali Khalaf Salman is being translated in the interview. You’ll also hear Susan Burke, our guest today, questioning him from time to time. These are highlights of his description, beginning with how the four Blackwater vehicles entered Nisoor Square.

    ALI KHALAF SALMAN: [translated] As you just said, he thought that he was shooting above the car level, but when he turned his face towards traffic, he heard this woman crying, “My son! My son!” And then he ran into that direction, and he saw her son, who was a medical student. He was all covered in blood. He said he went—when he heard the woman crying, he went towards that direction, and he tried to help the medical student who was covered in blood, help him out of the car. But the mother inside was holding tight to her son. And he raised his hand to stop—

    SUSAN BURKE: Stop the shooting?

    ALI KHALAF SALMAN: [translated] Stop the shooting. He was telling them, “Don’t shoot, please.” He said, while he raised his hand and asking them not to shoot, this time the man in the fourth car shot the mother dead. A machine gun. He said, the car was number four in line. And then, when the person in car number four, a security man, started shooting, he shot the mother dead. And the cars in front of this car, the civilian cars, actually, they spread around to the sides. I think they were scared. ​
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    The woman who was gang raped and put into a storage container, is alleging that there are 11 other women like her who have had the same thing happen by this unregulated army.

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