Black Youths Engage in Hate Crime

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by State, Aug 27, 2009.

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    The Anecdotal Fallacy

    How does that work, exactly? Well, because any monkey can find an anecdote about a hate crime going in the other direction and try to draw conclusions (wrongly) from the single incident.


    Of course, you will never come back to this thread because you know it is so weak.
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    A white Al Sharpton!

    You've been tossing a lot of race-baiting grenades, State.

    What's your point? Who are you trying to help?
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    Unfortunately in Crown Heights, it is not a single incident but there was a three day riot that targeted Jews in 1991, which has been declared the worst incident of anti-semitic violence in the history of the United States with buisnesses destroyed and at least one death (murder). I could list others over the last twenty years if I had the time, I just listed the worst......I've included a link from the NY Times

    Let Crown Heights Case Have Its Day in Court - The New York Times

    Crown Heights riot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Yeah, we know all about it, Patters uses it as the basis of most of his arguments.
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