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Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Harry Boy, Jan 24, 2008.

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    Billy Blue Dress is running for President again, he's pushing his grinning hand clapping wife right out of the whole race.

    Billy says "his wife may lose the Black Vote in SC" isn't that a racist remark, isn't it considered "racist" for people to vote based on skin color, doesn't the civil rights movement consider all people are "people", would Mitt Romney be allowed to say the words "white vote", is it considered a "normal thing" for a race of people to vote for a person because of the color of their skin, is it OK for Romney to say "he is going after the white vote" I hear the words "black vote a lot lately" why do we not hear the words "white vote"

    Isn't it true that if a Black Candidate gets the so called "Black Vote" nothing unusual is mentioned, but isn't that Racism.

    If Billy Blue Dress was the First Black President why doesn't his Pant Suit, Grinning, Hand Clapping wife get "The Black Vote"

    You Democrats are all f-cked up this time around :singing:
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    Yep. They're gonna blow it again! Seemed impossible 6 months ago. Edwards is waiting around just in case Hill and Barak literally break into a fist fight where she knees him in the nuts and he back-hands her in the head on the way down. No one can get any pleasure in watching it.....except me and Harry.:singing: :rocker:

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