Bjoern Werner, Damontre Moore, or Margus Hunt at 29?

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by State, Apr 13, 2013.

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    We have a high need for CB, but there'll be good players available in the second. (Jamar Taylor would work for me, though, at 29.)

    If the Florida State player with elite athleticism and excellent size is available at our place, we take him and watch Bill Belichick act like a preteen girl at a Justin Bieber concert. Bjoern Werner, DE, Florida State, NFL Draft - -

    CBS Sports has him ranked ninth as the best player but all the mocks have him taken in the 13-19 range in the first. But what if he keeps falling?

    Sssh. Don't tell anyone, but the Patriots have their fingers crossed this kid, relatively new to football, falls to them. Unlikely to as far as 29, so would we trade up using picks from future years? It's not our modus operandi, but heck he's the Vrabel we could get to complement the McGinest from last year, Chandler Jones.

    How many sacks did we get on the immobile Ravens QB in the AFC Championship Game?

    Yes, that's right. Zero.

    We need to get at him and Manning, guys who have laser-guided grenade launchers for arms. But the game completely changes when we can start sacking them. We could bring back the best players we've ever had in the secondary--and they'd just pick us apart if they have the time.

    It's not just a pass-happy league. It's a pass-crazy one.

    And the fact that a top 15 player could fall to us at 29--Why exactly? Does he have character concerns? No. Athletic limitations? No.--would be better than good.

    If he's gone, then we make every effort to trade out of the first and pick up extra value. Or consider Moore, who looked slow, weak, and disinterested at the Combine, or Hunt, whom I think the Patriots may be high on as well.
  2. Wilfork#75

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    I think Werner is a guy we would definitely have to consider. My only question is he a top 15 guy that is falling, or is he a late 1st round pick that was overrated by fans and the media and is just now settling to his proper position. If he is a legitimate top 10-15 talent then you take him, if he is a late 1st round talent you move down and acquire more picks. Damontre Moore I wouldn't take in the first, even though 29 might be proper value for him. Once again I think a trade down would be a much better option because the accumulated value would far outweigh Moore's value. I wouldn't touch Hunt at 59 let alone 29. I think he is a raw, developmental 3rd rounder and would hate to see him picked by us anywhere in the top 75.
  3. everlong

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    I'd question if Bill would draft Werner based on his size. Jones and Bequette both are 6'5" with 35.5 arm length. Werner is 6'3" with 33.25 arms. There have been other prospects like Woodley where I feel that kept Bill from drafting them. I'm not saying they shouldn't just that I feel they won't because of this. Granted Woodley is only 6'1.5 with 32.5 arms but there have been others.

    If they were to draft Moore then Jones would have to flip sides. He's a little light to be setting the edge on that side.

    I like Hunt more as a 3-4 DE who could rush the passer and shift inside to a 4-3 DT but he would be a project and not first round worthy. Mid second I'd take him.
  4. KontradictioN

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    I've always respected, as a Gator fan, Werner a lot more than Carradine (who I think is a tad overrated). Another good thing about Werner is that he is essentially still learning the game and was still that dominant at FSU. He's someone I would definitely be happy with at 29, should we choose not to trade out of the first. Werner across from Jones in this league could give quarterbacks nightmares for years.
  5. BelichickFan

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    I doubt Moore is a consideration as he work ethic, personality and interviews have been questioned.

    I don't think Werner will quite make it to us. No doubt he's in range now but I think he'll go between 20 and out pick. He would be intriguing if he were there as a high floor moderate ceiling type.

    Hunt, I have no idea. We took a "project" in Solder and it turned out he wasn't a project at all. Hunt brings something (size, athleticism) totally unique but he'll also be a 26 year old rookie. If he really is a project then no thanks. But if he's a project in the way Solder was (more ready than some thing) he would make a fascinating pick.
  6. ATippett56

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  7. BelichickFan

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    No he isn't. On that list he is but he isn't ranked, nor is he going, 9th overall.
  8. DH523

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    I really like Margus Hunt as a late 1st Rounder and think he's more NFL Ready than most fans think.

    #1: He has the inherent strength to hold up as a 3-4 DE/4-3 NT, especially after a year in a weight room with proper nutrition and such.
    #2: He can be an immediate factor as a pass rusher either as a down lineman or as a rusher standing up.
    #3: He has shown flashes of being able to diagnose the run well. It's just a matter of building up strength & using that strength to help set the edge.
    #4: He has dropped back in coverage a bit. He is a little raw here, no surprise, but he has displayed that type of versatility to cover the short zones.
    #5: He has immediate ST value. His size and sheer length would make him an impact guy as a blocker on Punts and FGs. "Hunt who first started playing football in 2009, set an NCAA record with 17 blocked kicks (10 field goals, seven extra points)." We all know that Belichick craves guys who can be productive STers.

    Year 1 alone he can be a rush specialist (and play in multiple formations) while playing on ST and can gradually earn his way onto the field as a 4 Down guy.

    Year 2 should have him as a consistent 4 Down player with potential to be a key cog in all facets.
  9. TruthSeeker

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    No way Werner falls to 29. I'd be shocked if he fell to 20.
  10. SNL

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    Hunt is rising up the boards since his showing at the combine and in bowl games. I've seen a lot of mock drafts with the Patriots picking him at 29. If you look at his combine numbers he did better than JJ Watt in the bench 38 vs 34; 40 yard 4.6 vs 4.84. And BB likes the tall DL and Hunt is 6' 8". I think he would make a great pick, with as much, if not more potential than Watt!
  11. ctpatsfan77

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    OTOH, DE != RB, so if they think he can give them 5+ good years, then he's worth it.
  12. Ochmed Jones

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    This is an excellent point.

    I see three major difference between Hunt and Watt.

    1.)Watt plays with excellent pad level while Hunt plays way too high. Good news though, is that technique is something players can be coached up in the pros on.

    2.) Watt received superior NFL type coaching at Wisconsin. Hunt got Wal-mart style coaching at SMU.

    3.) You can't teach height. And BB loves tall players.

    Bottom line is whoever drafts Hunt has to coach this kid up in order for this kid to have success on the field. The projection becomes how long will it take and will Hunt's play improve as he incorporates the new techniques.

    PS: BB is not known for taking projection selections in the first round.
  13. mgteich

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    No one said that Werner was going to be the 9th overall pick. If he were available at 29, there would be plenty of teams wanting to trade with us. For us, he is simply too short.

  14. BelichickFan

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    ATippett56 said he was ranked 9th overall just because the CBS rankings said so. It was an attempt to laugh at those who realize he'll go closer to 29 than to 9 although I think he'll go between 18-25.
  15. cstjohn17

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    I will scede to you Kontradiction but Carradine is getting a lot of good pub, if not for his knee him and Werner would be neck and neck.
  16. dryheat44

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    I think that having failed to get Sanders, BB is going to be forced to draft a WR like Woods or Allen, if available, or re-sign Lloyd.
  17. manxman2601

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    I can't see Werner falling past the Giants - I don't want Moore and Hunt is an ideal fit for what BB wants from his DE's (and was more productive than Chandler Jones). So if it's going to be a DE, I think Hunt is by far the best fit aside from his age.

    However, with the Sanders thing, I think BB will go back to plan A and try to sign Freeney/Abraham and go WR with the first pick.
  18. Hercules Rockefeller

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    Could not agree more, I've been a big backer of Hunt since the bowl game that he completely dominated. He has everything they're looking for, except too many days spent on the planet. I'll be ok with that...they drafted Kaczur at 27, they could certainly draft Hunt at 26.
  19. VrabelJr

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    When a school puts out three good players at the same exact position and two of them are first rounders and the third is a late rounder that has better career stats, I'll skip the first two and take a flyer on the third in the mid to late rounds.

    (If you don't know I'm talking about Florida State Defensive Ends).
  20. ForThoseAboutToRock

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    It will be very interesting to see what happens if there is a run on WR's in the late teens / early 20's. If that happens, plus 2 or 3 QB picks, perhaps we could get within range for someone like Werner (or whomever) where BB would ignore the glaring need to grab his 4th-5th (ish) rated WR and instead grab the guy he sees as tremendous value.

    Agree with you about the Giants though.

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