Bishop TD Jakes being on MSNBC's coverage.

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Lifer, Nov 5, 2008.

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    This was a real gift for me. As a white, Evangelical Christian living in the Bible belt who supported the election of Barack Obama, its been hard being surrounded by so many Right Wing Evangelical Christians who make it seems, sometimes, that to be a "real" Christian, you have to vote Republican.

    As Ive said, I believe this does the devils work, making Christianity a voting bloc, and not about presenting the person of Jesus Christ to the world.

    40% of Evangelical Christians vote Democratic usually. 80% of Blacks, about 20 to 25% of Whites. And what of all the Christians around the world? Christian living in China. Or India. Or Europe. Australia. Even Israel.

    Do you think they care about Republican or Democrat?

    No, this is a myth that has been brought about by people with Right Wing political agendas, Christians, mostly from conservative areas, who have used
    their faith to justify their idolatry toward their political viewpoints. And its been furthered by the secular left, to use the Christian Right to slam the idea of Christianity or belief in God at all.

    The "Moral Majority" Falwell, Robertson, Dobson movement has done much damage to the work of the Lord, and has, to use political terms, stepped on the message of Jesus Christ.

    In any case, mine is a position that can wear you down. But the presense of Bishop Jakes, a man whose sermons have so often lifted me up when I knew I was correctly walking against the tide but was getting worn down, was a great reminder that what Ive been saying to my Christian brothers and sisters
    was right on. That calling others "Godless" or that they are not voting their "Christian values" if they didnt vote G.O.P. was unbiblical at best and blashphemy at worst. Jesus doesnt endorse any political candidates and trying to use the Bible to do so is offensive.

    I dont agree with Barack Obama on everything, certainly not the abortion issue. But overall he appears to be what he says he is, a Christian. That should be enough for other Christians. And even if he wasnt, he appears to be a good man, a good husband and father, has a heart for those less fortunate than himself, and he is our President, or will be soon. He deserves our support and our prayers.

    Thanks to MSNBC for giving Jakes the forum, to clearly show there ARE "real Christians" who dont have to be Republican, to Bishop Jakes, for encouraging those like me by his presense during the coverage, and mostly to the Lord for making all things possible.

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