Bills' Wilson Questions Direction of NFL's New Owners

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    Can Bob Kraft Tackle??? IMO...the game needs to keep up with technology to remain viable. Perhaps Ralphie needs to study the NHL a little bit and see how if it ain't broke don't fix it worked for them. The newer and big market teams are keeping pace with technolgy and Ralphie is just too old a hobbit to see this.

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    I'm not one to bash Ralph Wilson. He can certainly do better with his franchise, but he is hampered by the slow economy of the Buffalo area.

    I don't agree that the new owners care less about the game. I do however believe that the league has been watering itself down quite a bit with Thurday Night openers, Monday double-headers, flex-scheduling, and regular season games being played outside of the US.
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    Does Ralph Wilson even know where his stadium is???
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    Ralph Wilson is a good guy, but it's amusing to hear him say he questions the direction of the NFL when he doesn't even understand the new collective bargaining agreement.
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    That is funny. But I'll always think highly of him for hiring Marv Levy last year, and then saying he did it to add some youth to the Front Office.
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    i feel bad for him - it is not a fair fight, but a lot of it is his own doing. obviosly western NY economy can not compete with eastern MA economy, however Levy/whoever the coach is vs. BB/Pioli discrepancy is Ralph's own doing.

    Just win baby and $$ will follow.
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    How many teams and owners cared when the Pats had a empty stadium and losing money and close to moving? We got a new owner and the rest is history. Time for Ralp to go. He has no money and they need a owner that can put some into the team.
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    Mr. Wilson is correct. The new younger owners don't think along the same lines as the "good old boy" owners in the past. The newer, younger owners have the unmitigated gall to expect the smaller market teams to actually do some valid attempts at raising new income as WORK for their @#$&% cut of the money pie instead of just expecting richer teams to hand them a welfare check from other owners hard earned millions. For a start he could try to sell the freaking naming rights to "Ralph Wilson Stadium"!!! :eek:
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    Ralph has plenty of money thanks to those pesky new owners.

    And it's true, winning changes everything. The Bills don't suck because of the direction of the new NFL. They suck because Ralph has made a series of ever worstening decisions over the last decade as he slipped into his dotage.

    Jones and Snyder are perfect examples that having big money and bigger egos doesn't necessarily make you a winner. Robert Kraft on the other hand is the league's shining example of what the combination of good football sense and astute business accumen can yield.

    Rooney's old and poor, and the economy in Pittsburgh isn't much better than Buffalo, and his team just won a Superbowl. Apparently he made some better decisions over the last decade, including hiring better people to make the football decisions, and then letting them.
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    In the days of Wellington Mara, George Halas, etc. ... NFL owners used to be a club.

    Now, many of them are businessmen.

    Tough beans, clubsters!
    Don't worry ... you'll still cash out nicely.
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    Why is Wilson whining? That's the real question. I think everyone is really missing the boat on this. He's whining because he just lost a couple hundred million dollars with the new CBA. That's why. This has nothing to do with Buffalo as a market. This has nothing to do with Buffalo's losing ways. This has nothing to do with Wilson being unwilling to be creative in raising revenues. The naming rights to the stadium aren't going to bring him the $5 mill or so they bring Kraft. Not enough there to make a big difference since there is no company as large as Gillette in the area. Maybe they can rename it Delaware North Arena or HSBC or Delphi Automotive, but Delphi is having it's own problems, and we all know from the Bruins how cheap Delaware North is. As for losing, the Bills sellout an almost 80,000 seat stadium to watch a team that hasn't been to the playoffs in a decade. In Buffalo, that's proof positive that losing doesn't hurt much. They have been in the top 10 in attendance and ticket sales for an eternity. Adding a new stadium with more luxury boxes isn't going to help, unless someone here can think of an upside for having empty luxury boxes (a tax break?).

    So, what's all the complaining about?
    I believe the Bills' situation with the new CBA needs to include a consideration of two other factors. One, while the Bills' profits will be much less than some of the teams in the large markets, they will still be substantial. Should the NFL elect to move the franchise, it will likely land in an area of the country where the fans simply don't care as much. Arizona, LA, San Diego, New Orleans, Miami, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Carolina, Tennessee, all of these teams in so-called boom areas have been plagued by low attendance. Buffalo supports football, that's the bottom line. I think the real story that's being missed is that the new CBA has effectively cost Wilson millions. It has reduced his margins, and therefore reduced the value of the franchise. A new owner will not pay $600 million for the franchise, nor will he use banking money to pay for it, because the margins are now too small. But a new owner who buys the Bills for their true current market value (with the reduced margins of the new CBA taken into account) can still turn a handsome profit and keep the Bills in Buffalo. If the Patriots bring in $300 million in revenues, the Bills only $175 million, and each of them pays $105 million to the players, that still makes the teams competitive on the field. Even with these margins, the Bills' income is still well above what it was a decade or so ago. If you don't have a lot of debt service (i.e. if you don't pay $600 million to Wilson) then you will still make big bank owning the Buffalo Bills. Wilson is trying to maximize his profits in selling the team by offering the carrot that a potential new owner may be given the go-ahead to move them. Which would make the franchise more valuable. But that's a risky proposition.

    As long as the Bills can turn a healthy profit in Buffalo, and as long as the fans continue to support them (a decade without the playoffs and, yet, the stadium is full every Sunday? That's amazing!) then the franchise should stay there. The team's relative weakness in terms of profitability does not mean it is not viable and can't survive. Can the NFL maximize profits by moving them? Sure, that's a possibility. But they'd be losing stalwart fans for the fickleness of fans that have better things to do when it's 85 degrees in LA in November, and 35 degrees in Buffalo. There's a good reason why Frontiere moved the Rams from large market LA to small market St. Louis. She had absolutely no support in LA. There's a reason Al Davis moved the Raiders from LA to small market Oakland.

    So, let the new owner pay $600-700 million for the Bills, let him move them to LA where nobody will care. The NFL will lose a viable Buffalo franchise and add a crappy LA franchise. Why? Because they'll be lured by $$ signs, instead of emphasizing football and fans. If the NFL wants to do right, it will let Wilson stew in the wind as it gives the new owner guidelines that say he can't move the team out of the area.
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    From KFFL: The whiner goes to Congress..Wilson is what is WRONG with the NFL..

    Bills | Senator joins Wilson in fight over revenue sharing
    Mon, 10 Apr 2006 06:16:15 -0700

    Leo Roth, of the Democrat and Chronicle, reports Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson has been joined by U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, (D-New York) in his fight against the NFL over revenue sharing. "It makes it hard for small teams to survive in small cities and I want to see the Bills stay in Buffalo," Schumer told reporters on Sunday, April 9, in a news conference at team headquarters. Schumer said he would speak with other senators who represent small-market NFL cities and arrange a meeting with NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue. Wilson said the new CBA is too expensive to afford and doesn't address the growing disparity in wealth between large- and small-market teams. Tagliabue will soon name an eight-owner committee soon to determine the rules for qualifying for that new pot of previously unshared local money.
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    What is Wilson thinking? Now Schumer is going to lobby in Congress????

    The rich owners will never agree to share revenue from their stadium. Wilson should be glad that money is shared at all.

    If there is no salary cap, the Bills will be like the Milwaukee Brewers.
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    He's an idiot..I hope his team does zippo...If ever there is a whuny is he!! And bringing in Congress?? WRONG move!!
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    Perhaps the Bills would do better building a new stadium further south in the state. For example Bob Kraft considered Hartford Conn. for a new stadium for something like a year. Then leaque officials rallied enough support from Mass. business leaders and legislators in Mass. for a new stadium in Mass.

    Bob Kraft owes a great deal to the leaque for their help and he certainly knows it. I would guess he will work very hard for all the teams, including the teams like the Bills that are slow to understand the new NFL.
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