Bills mailing in 2007 season?

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    It must suck to be a Bills fan this year,looks as if they have given up on this year already in March,Possibly will be the worst team in the NFL ,let alone the AFC East.

    Losing Nate Clements,London Fletcher,Willis McGahee and very possibly Takeo Spikes - Are they that bad with the cap or are they just deciding to rebuild for the next 2 years or more?.

    No way losing those players,most of whom are all-pros is going to do anything but bring Buffalo to the scrapheap of bad teams.

    Not to mention J.P. Losman is not exactly Tom Brady .

    I predict Buffalo struggles to a 3-13 season this year...too many losses of solid players.

    Maybe Marv Levy should retire BEFORE the season starts...and poor Dick Jauron,Thrown to the lions.
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    See Jets before the 2006 season. See us blow one at home to Jets. See me not take any team lightly.


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    If the Jets had lost Vilma,Pennington,Cotchery and Washington during the season you would not have had to worry about them...The losses Buffalo did this week kind of equals those types of losses the Jets could have had.

    IMO The Jets were never really a bad team BEFORE the 2006 season began,they flew under the radar.

    They pretty much had the same playoff team as in the years before...They just needed Chad to play all season and a coach that can coach.
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    As mediocre as Jauron is... I don't think anyone deserves to have to head to the Lions organization. :p
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    I think you're overrating their losses. They weer 7-9 this year. McGahee did not have a good season. He mailed it in. Takeo was coming back from an achilles heel. Their big losses are Clements and Fletcher. With Flethcer they already have a decent replacement in Crowell. The real problem is cornerback.

    They have improved their Oline a bit, and since they already had 2 good players at OLineman (Jason Peters was the best LT the Patriots faced) they'll be better there.
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    I 100% agree. They didn't help themselves at all in the latter rounds of free agency and they totally blew the draft.


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    Mr. Sarcastic Yeah like they are going to be great grabbing scrap heap players that are leftovers and rookie draft picks are going to turn them into instant contenders... Give me a break :bricks:
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    I tend to disagree that they have already mailed it in. Letting Fletcher sign somewhere else was inevitable. Someone was going to sign him for more money than the Bills valued him. He is going to be 32 this year and is going to slow down at sometime. Plus they drafted Crowell a few years ago and seem to like him. I'm not sure on the Spikes situation, but he has not played a full season in a few years and his production has been down ever since leaving Cincy. He did have one good year in Buffalo, but still hasn't played up to what he did in Cincy, he also will be 31 or 32.

    The loss of Clements was big, but no way were they going to spend the same money San Fran did. They drafted DBs last year and probably will again this year. Buffalo's defense is pretty young and will most likely get a little more younger after this year's draft. It was a disappointment to see McGahee leave, but why keep him if he was going to leave after next season? It was a good move to try and get some draft picks, but I thought he may be worth at least a 2nd.

    I don't think they've mailed it in, depending on Losman's play I believe they can win 8 games. The Bills really came on strong last season the Pats were lucky to play them twice early.
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    Ya, I think the doom and gloom of saying the Bills are going to be 3-13 is not only short sighted, but stupid. The Clements loss is not as bad as it seems because they have switched to a Cover 2 scheme, where CB play is not nearly as important to the defense as it was when Gregg Williams (and his predecessor) ran the D. Clements talent is difficult to replace, but his role in the system is much easier to find a replacement for. Spikes could possibly be back, and LF-B's replacement is already on the roster, as many people have mentioned. I don't know what they are going to do with RB, but I think trading McGahee was a good move. Didn't they get two third rounders and a seventh for someone who didn't want to play for them, had issues with Buffalo, and wasn't nearly as productive as he envisioned himself. Good for the Bills, let's just see who they are going to draft to take over for him.
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    Losman's turning into a nice little quarterback for the Bills. They're an impressive team. The only major loss thus far is Fletcher. They're very thin in the running back department (trading their starting RB, and having their top FB and top backup at RB be free agents) but other than that I think they're more of a threat than the Culpepper-led Dolphins.
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    People are celebrating the McGahee trade in Buffalo. This guy mailed it in, didn't play hard, complained about his contract, and his agent came out and said he's done a lot for the Buffalo football team. This is a guy who got paid for a full year while he was rehabbing out of college.

    The Buffalo talking heads said it best: he was a bad pick when he came to Buffalo, a braindead move by the former GM, and now the new management is trying to clean the mess. They're getting something for nothing.

    You want an equivalent? This is the Terry Glenn situation.
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    The Bills are building up their O-line, which is good. They need to address their defense, but they have 2 good young players in Donte Whitner and Koi Simpson.

    I think that the Bills are poised to draft a high end RB and add another RB in free agency. One player who hasn't signed in Domenic Rhodes and the Bills would be a very good place for him.
  13. Fumblerooski

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    Well, that is a very bad move on their part since Ralph and Marv don't have many more March's left in the first place. :)
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    I can't wait till around week 5 when the Ravin's fans start to *****. Willis doesn't drive a pile... Has ZERO breakaway speed and likes to riverdance at the line. I like the 2 3rds and a 7th we got for him.
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    The lost Mawae, Abraham, Law and Martin. 4 of their 5 or 6 best players just as the Bills have done. I predict the Bills to be bad, but like Rich said, don't take anyone lightly.
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    yep and trying to get out of Buffalo and move the team to LA
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    Billszone posts from Page 1 (message boards are definitely good for the offseason):

    "Bills losses made them better by subtraction":

    "Bills get an "A" in Free Agency":

    they go on to explain how losing McGahee and Clements isn't a big deal since in hindsight they were apparently overrated (sounds like the way some of us handle FA losses -- other than AV of course:rolleyes:) replacement for Fletcher is no big deal.

    Dockery is da bomb and they have no glaring holes to fill and the draft will cure all ills.

    You have to respect Bills fans....hardy bunch.
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    Bills Offense vs. Pats Defense: We should match up well in the ground game, given the poor performance of the Bill's O-line and with likely a rookie RB starting for them. However, their passing game will test our defensive backfield with Lee Evans and Roscoe Parrish, two young guys who can really run.

    Pats Offense vs. Bills Defense: Our offense has improved much more than their defense has, particularly at WR vs. DB. However, the issue with Buffalo -- as always -- will be the ability of the O-line to open up holes for the run game, and the protection of Brady. The performance of Kyle Brady will be key, I think.

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