Bills DE Aaron Schobel expected to have season ending surgery soon

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOTSFANINPA, Nov 4, 2008.

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    Just heard on NFL Sirius Radio that Aaron's season ending surgery on a torn tendon in his left big toe may be soon and what a blow to the Bills who once looked like a division winner but may fall down the ladder quite quickly with 2 of thier best defenders out and Schobel possibly gone for the season and Whitner out for at least 3-4 weeks and not a certainty that he could end up with a season ender on his shoulder as well.

    I bet Brady is somewhere saying "Damn,That pain in the ass Schobel who beats the crap out of me everytime we meet,goes down the same year I do then comes back the next season like me to beat me up again :mad:"

    Seems like the only steadily healthy team in the division are the Dolphins
  2. ICSB

    ICSB Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I don't watch the Bills much but they do seem to have lost a lot of that early season spark.

    I would not be shocked if they were one of those teams that fizzled out. I am not sure whats missing right now but they are a young team who won several games with comebacks early on and seemed to have lost something.

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  3. JSn

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    I think the answer's right there. It's easier to ride momentum and easier yet to get sent into a tailspin when you're young.

    Take Brett Favre for example. He gets picked a lot. He also throws a lot of touchdowns. A young quarterback would get gun-shy easier.

    Senility has its advantages.
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  4. ICSB

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    True. They lost the spark. For several games they had it goin on, riding the Cinderalla like story thing.

    Well I guess the Pats have to take advantage of them now to avoid them getting it back.
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  5. smg93

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    This is the advantage of having a winning environment. The Pats have obviously had their fair share of injuries but that hasn't stopped them from believing in themselves even if guys go down. The Bills and many other teams do not have that yet.
  6. Rob0729

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    I hate to see injuries like this. But I am betting that Matt Light isn't going to be too upset not to see him on Sunday. Schobel has almost always had good games against the Pats.

    As for the Bills, they could be a team that collapses the second half of the season, but I wouldn't bet on it just yet. I still think they are better than the Jets even after losing to them. I don't think they will win the division, but I think they still may end up second in the division.
  7. primetime

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    Schobel is one of the most dominant pass rushers in the NFL. In fact, I'd probably put him second behind Jared Allen. He's unheralded because he's spent his career with the hapless Bills. This can only help the Patriots, though it's terrible to see such a good player injured.
  8. Tunescribe

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    I don't recall him ever having dominant games against the Patriots, though.
  9. lostjumper

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    Don't have the time to research this, but he has. He beats Matt Light like a drum very time they meet. Big blow to the bills, and coming at a fortunate time for the pats. Of course, we have our own injuries, especially at secondary...
  10. Rob0729

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    Really? Schobel almost always has a big game vs. the Pats. In 2006, he had three sacks in two games vs. the Pats. Same thing in 2005. Last year he only had a half a sack. But he pressures Brady a lot. Light historically has had more problems with him than even Jason Taylor.
  11. Ghost of Ben Dreith

    Ghost of Ben Dreith Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Bills had a lot of injuries last year too. I doubt it has to do with the off season conditioning program or the field. It just seems like a string of bad luck.
  12. Peekaboo

    Peekaboo Practice Squad Player

    That's exactly what it is. Kawika Mitchell isn't practing today either. We just can't seem to catch a break. Trent needs to start taking care of the ball better and we need better run blocking so Marshawn can grind it out against an aging defense. If he can wear you guys out, we have a good chance to win it.
  13. Deus Irae

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    The Patriots aren't an "aging" defense.


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    Last time I looked- Richardson,Hobbs,Wheately,Mayo,Seymour,Warren,Willfork,Merriweather,
    Wright and Wilhite are all players who have played this season and under the age of 30 - Sure you have the right team with the 'aging defense' you proclaim we have?
  15. Peekaboo

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    Meh, maybe you're right. Average age of your defense is only 29. I think they seem old because Bruschi is seen as the face of the defense and we (fans of other teams) think everyone is as old as him, lol.
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  16. jmt57

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    Schobel being out is a huge blow to the Bills chances this season. Here's a couple of comments from The National Football Post.

    November 1:
    November 5:

    By the way, if you think this forum was filled with doom and gloomers earlier this year, you should check out some of the Bills sites; BillsZone specifically is full of half-empty chicken littles right now. One thread after another with titles such as "we are doomed to be 8-8 forever", "I don't think we will ...", "Injuries are killing us...again", "Time to get a better tall WR", "What would you change with the Bills right now", "Ron Denney sucks", Free agency is hurting more than helping us", "Throw the deep ball", "where is our return game?", "Not challenging the 4th and inches spot", and countered with a couple of "WTF is wrong with you people" and "Attention Fair Weather Fans and Negative People" threads. Yikes.
  17. Peekaboo

    Peekaboo Practice Squad Player

    It's Ryan Denney and yes, the sky is falling. See for yourselves.

    General Buffalo Bills Football - Message Board
  18. jmt57

    jmt57 Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    I guess it's good to know we Pats fans are not alone in our paronia and hyperbole when our favorite team loses a game.

    Funny thing about Denney is that an (alleged) Bills fan did title his thread as 'Ron Denney s***s a*s' and apparently forgot his name was Ryan too; perhaps I should have known his first name, but at least I have a (slightly) better excuse, being a Pats fan! :D
  19. Peekaboo

    Peekaboo Practice Squad Player

    Try losing 4 Superbowls in a row, lol.
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