Bill trying to help Hillary

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by otis p. driftwood, Apr 11, 2008.

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    Bill tries to help Hillary, Hillary tells Bill to shut up and butt out.

    At this point I could care less whether she landed under fire or not--we know she didn't, she knows she didn't, whatever. What's comical is how Bill's now trying to make the story even worse...does he or does he not want her to win, do you suppose?

    Furthermore--if anyone involved honestly believed there was any real danger, WTF were they thinking dragging Chelsea along? What parent would do that, willingly?;_ylt=AmYOx._4QTJul5nT.M5_lR4Gw_IE
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    The Clintons,
    Political Animals, they would sell their souls and their daughters soul to the devil, TO WIN.

    The future history books will have a field day with them, Lies, Infidelity, Immorality, The Clintons will be History's "Dirty Joke" the mere mention of their name will bring forth snickers and giggles from future generations of students.

    The name "Monica Lewinsky" will live longer in American History than George Washington.


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