Bill sought out Crowder after game. Why?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by zarakotas5, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. zarakotas5

    zarakotas5 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    After the Miami game, when players/coached seek each other out to talk, gladhand, etc., I noticed that Belichick made a direct point to seek out Channing Crowder, #52, of the Dolphins. He did so before he looked for Saban, etc. He is a MLB, 6'2", 245. 2nd year out of Florida. I didn't notice any particularly good/bad/illegal plays that he made. He was excellent in college, but his stock dropped him to 2nd/3rd? round due to, I believe, character issues.

    My question is, why? Did I miss something? He is our possible future MLB? Did anyone else catch this?

    etc, etc.

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  2. Richter

    Richter In the Starting Line-Up

    I caught this as well. He dropped in the draft due to multiple knee surgeries and the thought that he was fragile. I don't know why Belichick went after him.
  3. zarakotas5

    zarakotas5 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I'm curious as all hell. I've never seen him take such a direct route to any coach, never mind a player.
  4. BelichickFan

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    Don't know the answer but Belichick met with him several times before the draft in 2005 so maybe he liked the kid and wanted to make sure to see him.
  5. pats1

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    I think BelichickFan has it.
  6. Mike the Brit

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  7. kptmorgan04

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    do you expect someone to read through every post before starting a new thread?
    unless there is a thread with the subject line similar you cant hold them to reading through everything on the board.

    regardless, I found it very interesting as well
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  8. drew4008

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  9. Mike the Brit

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    That discussion ...
  10. Seneschal2

    Seneschal2 In the Starting Line-Up

    All of the talk about us drafting Crowder was not a smokescreen -- BB was/is very high on him. If his knees hold up, Miami has themselves a heck of a LB.

    BTW, Crowder idolizes LT...that alone is enough for BB to seek him out. :)
  11. zarakotas5

    zarakotas5 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Hey Brit,

    At first, I was apologetic, then I thought you were being sarcastic, now I think you are being territorial. The thing is: I (somehow;) ) missed that post. The real point is: so what of it? What does it mean? We are after the same answer.

    So..what did it mean?
  12. zarakotas5

    zarakotas5 Third String But Playing on Special Teams


    That may be, but why the urgency to just say hi? I doubt many NFL coaches feel the need to keep good graces with wide-eyed potential employees that are perenially replaced? Particularly BB, who seems to be able to sustain a degree of coldhearted capability of cutting fan-favorites, both tenured and hired-hands?
  13. Mike the Brit

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    I'm sorry, I'm not being sarcastic or territorial. I'm just disappointed in the board these days. It seems that a million threads get started but discussions don't go anywhere. Some folk seem to start a new thread every time a thought comes into their head.

    I hooked my observation onto a thread which was already in progress. I think that that is the right way to go, but it presupposes that people will read through threads rather than just looking at the tag line. No personal offence intended. I apologize if I came across as bad-tempered.

    Anyway, to the question. The answer is: I don't really know.

    BB seems to have strong links with Florida in the last few years. It's well known that he does an awful lot of travelling around to college campuses and gets to know a lot of players, though he usually doesn't make a song and dance about it. Remember Pat Tillman -- BB kept very quiet about how well they knew each other, but it seems as though they got to know each other when BB scouted at Arizona State and kept in touch afterwards. I think that is typical. Last week it was talking trash with Chad Johnson, now it's hugging and laughing with Crowder.

    Oh, and it confirms what we now know: BB does not draft for need. We certainly needed a line-backer. BB obviously thought well of Crowder and all the evidence is that he would have been a great fit for us. But still he took Mankins.
  14. I'm Ron Borges?

    I'm Ron Borges? On the Game Day Roster

    LOL. He starts in Miami so how is he our future MLB? They are just going to give him to the Patriots because they have no linebackers? That makes sense.
  15. zarakotas5

    zarakotas5 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Hey Brit:

    Whilst I still imagine that a comment such as that you "pre-suppose that people read through threads" is a declaration of your malcontent predisposition towards my reply, I will reassure that I do, in fact, peruse the offerings before I make my own. I can only say that my youthful naivite neglects my potential to spend every ever-lasting moment on earth to read every last entry upon this board. Like you, I say, how dare I! How dare I!

    It is my mistake that I did not utilize the gracious efforts of our fair moderators to ensure that I did not duplicate a fleeting thought that you had in an indiscriminate thread. It would be nothing but detriment to this site if any idea or insight was ever duplicated. I, as, a non-entity should know this and it will be to my demise that I endeavor.
  16. RayClay

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    He also almost beat a guy to death, I believe.

    Channing Crowder and Steven Harris

    Incident: Star linebacker Crowder and defensive lineman Harris are accused of beating a man into unconsciousness during an early morning fight outside a Gainesville nightclub in May 2003.

    Consequences: Crowder pleads no contest to misdemeanor battery, pays a fine, serves community service and attends anger-management counseling. He is suspended for the 2003 season opener. Harris pleads not guilty and his trial ends with a hung jury.

    Aftermath: Crowder earns freshman All-America honors. While his case is pending, Harris misses three games. Now a junior, he is expected to be a key player in '05.

    Channing Crowder

    Incident: A little more than a year after his first arrest, Crowder is arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after failing to obey an officer's orders to stop trying to fight another man outside the same nightclub.

    Consequences: Crowder pleads no contest, receives six months of supervised probation, pays a fine and is ordered to perform community service. He is suspended for one game.

    Aftermath: Crowder leaves early for last spring's NFL Draft. Knee problems and character issues drop his stock and the Dolphins make him a third-round pick.
  17. RayClay

    RayClay Hall of Fame Poster

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    I share your frustration Mike.

    I didn't see this and it's not in the title of the other thread.

    Hopefully the one thought, two thread people will go away soon.

    We definitely looked at Crowder, but did we back off?
  18. Brownfan80

    Brownfan80 In the Starting Line-Up

    Yeah Bill really did make a B-line to Crowder, nearly pushed a couple people over to get there.

    Interesting to note, but we may never know what that meant. Speculation is all we have when it comes to Bill's inner workings.

    Maybe one of the reporters will bring it up at one of the press conferences this week.
  19. sieglo

    sieglo In the Starting Line-Up

    I thought he was looking for Saban, couldn't find him, and said hello to Crowder on the way.

    Reading way too much into this guys.
  20. NEPatriot

    NEPatriot Banned

    I was watching the game in a sports bar, but I also caught it. I commented to the person next to me about it. Thte only thing I could think of was that he was looking for Saban and just bumped into Crowder. I was one of the Crowder fans during the draft, so it's nice to see the development. But Im glad that I'm not the only one who thought it was curious.

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