Bill Poliians Worst Nightmare.

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    Seeing as how the,The omnipetent leader of all things colts,has chose to complain(as always) about flagging db's.
    Should the Pats go 5 wide early and often???
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    If the Pats can go to Indy and win this thing, can you just imagine how livid Polian is going to be? I would feel sorry for his family. I think the man will have a coronary. I would not want to be Tony Dungy, if that happens.

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    I actually think that's their best shot at winning. Throw early and often, short routes and 15-20 yard slant outs. If the Colts just sit in that cover 2, brady's going to shred them. We all know how he plays in domes. The Colts D is playing well against the run, fine. Pick on those corners, get Watson and Graham out in space with Cato June in coverage, and run Faulk on 3rd down.

    I don't believe in this magical Colts defensive resurgence. Baltimore only scored 3 in Denver in one game, and generally I didn't think that their offensive gameplan was very well thought out. The Chiefs...well jesus, they were lucky to be in the playoffs in the first place.

    We really, really, really gotta get pressure on Manning. The blitz schemes are going to define a lot of the day.

    I sort of don't get why people think that the Colts are going to walk over the Pats. I see the mystique, but this is a Colts team that lost in Houston and only won by 1 against Tennessee at home. They've certainly dismantled a few teams (Eagles, Bengals), but if we can get a lead and start running the ball, it could get ugly. I dunno, though, could go both ways, right?

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    Whatever happens to polian,Is his fault.
    Dungy I do feel bad for,He seems like a good man.
    I hate that commercial where he speaks to his player in the car while on a date.
    All I can think about is his son.:(
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    No. The gameplan should be to keep it a power running, low-scoring game. ;)
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    Miss Tom Curran lots from Projo. But it's fun to get some of his more national obserations and perspectives.

    It has been so politically correct and derigour for the national media pundits to ball-wash the Colts for lo these many years. Hope he doesn't get labelled politically 'incorrect' for shedding the light of day on Polian's antics. Great to have it put out there in national media.

    Go Tom.

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    I respectfully disagree, to a degree.
    I think we have the better team on both sides of the ball.
    The only position that they might be better than we have is wr's.

    The only thing I fear about them is (the turnover ratio).
    That's usually what decides games
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    I don't actually think we should play smashmouth versus the Colts.

    The reason for my post was that NaPolian has recently *****ed about power running, and he blames teams who blitz and defend well in the secondary because it supposedly discourages the pass. Therefore power running would be NaPolian's worst nightmare. Check out SVN's link. The man is a real anus.
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    I liked his comment that, even the author of the piece noted, he said something about not picking apart the teams and then calling the chargers stupid. I think it's a yearly tradition for Billy Polian to make an ass out of himself.

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