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    In coming to my own viewpoint on Adam Vinatieri I am stuck between does Belichick really not want him anymore or wants him at the best price.

    Belichick has a way of showing respect to players by giving them their full freedom to move on. In Vinatieri's case, he may be so anguished over it he may make it appear to be a price thing when really he just wants to move on.

    Anyways...whichever it can bet the value of Adam per Belichick is mostly about the "Hidden Yardage" ...and on a team that has had noticable problems on special teams...that Hidden Yardage loss is magnified.

    About 70% of the way down:

    Just some food for thought (discussion) after all "It is what it is" :rolleyes:

    Another one concerning Keyshawn Johnson, just for fun,2nd Question.
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    BB has tried to be the kind of coach that understands his players, but keeps his relationship player/coach. I think with the success he has had with these guys, Tommy, Tedy, Vrabes and Adam in particular this line has become a little fuzzy. I think it is hard not to get close to the people that are responsible for your success. I suppose it is possible that BB is having a hard time deciding between loyalty to Adam and wanting to improve his ST unit, but I doubt it.

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