Big time trade on the table, could use some advice

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football' started by midwestpatsfan, Oct 12, 2010.

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    Hi all,
    I figured what better place to come than patsfans for some fantasy football advice. I have been offered a trade that I cannot decide on. It is a PPR league. 6pts td, 1 pt for 10 yards rushing, 1 pt 15 yards catching, 1 pt 25 yards passing.
    My team
    QB's-Drew Brees, JAy Cutler
    RB's-Joseph Addai, Knowshown Moreno, Arian Foster, Felix Jones, Carnell Williams
    WR's-Andre Johnson, Braylon Edwards, Greg Jennings, Terell Owens, Pierre Garcon
    TE's-Jermichael Finley, Chris Cooley
    We play 2 RB's, 3 WR's, 1 TE, 1 QB and 1 flex position.
    The trade is:
    I trade Drew Brees for Frank Gore and Dwayne Bowe.

  2. jmt57

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    What other quarterbacks are available as free agents? With Cutler's concussion you may have to rely on another QB to start.

    Let's look at how your starting lineup will change.

    - At QB you are going to drop from the points Brees gives you to whatever Cutler or a free agent gives you. While Brees hasn't had the year he did last year so far, he's still a top-5 fantasy QB. On top of that the Saints offense is bound to improve over what they've produced so far. What do you project Brees numbers per game to be? What are Cutlers? If Cutler can't go, what will that free agents numbers be?

    - At RB you improve by the difference between Gore, a top ten back, and Addai or Moreno, who are in the #20-#25 range. What do you project the difference in numbers per game between Gore and either of those two to be? Also, if you look at Gore's history you will find his numbers often tail off dramatically towards the end of the season - which is FF playoff time.

    - I wouldn't even bother considering Bowe in evaluating this trade; do you really anticipate ever starting him? After last week's critical drops I wouldn't be surprised if he sees fewer balls thrown his way.

    - You're getting two players in exchange for one. Take into account who else you are going to lose from your roster because you're going to have to cut somebody. Ditto for whoever you decide to add as a backup QB, though that can be resolved by just keeping on TE on your roster.

    - So the bottom line for your starting lineup is adding Gore and Cutler while losing Brees and Addai. While the addition of Gore is tempting, I think I'd pass on this deal - and that's before considering what might happen if Cutler gets another concussion.
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  3. GoodWill

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    I agree with JMT that you should pass on this deal. Drew Brees will break out of this "slump" he's in. Frank Gore has been good so far, and would be a boost to your running backs. But like JMT mentioned, when you're starting Gore every week, you're also starting Cutler (or whoever). No thanks.

    And like JMT said - that Dwayne Bowe addition to the trade is worthless. It may as well be Gore for Brees straight up. Your running back depth is hurting a bit due to injury, but despite it I don't see any reason to make this move. Hopefully Addai isn't hurt too bad, Moreno can make it back soon, and Arian Foster continues to be a beast going forward.
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    I would do the deal. Granted Bowe is just a throw in at this point. But look at the 49ers schedule! You get to feast on Oakland, Arizona, Tampa and the Rams twice including on the championship game. Brees still has to face Pitt, Dal and Bal.
  5. Interception

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    Brees doesn't look like he'll do too great this season.
  6. goldenaleus

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    I would do the deal and BTW as someone else pointed out...what other FA QB are available?

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