Bethel Johnson vs. Bam Childress

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOTS-80, Jun 3, 2006.

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    If Bethel is the 5th wide, and this inactive for the game, don't you think BB would pick developmental WR Bam Childress. If BB decides to activate 5 WR then Bethel would be helpful as a KR. Do you think BB will activate 5?
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    Considering Bethel is and will be the primary return man, he'll need to be active. We can't forget that Bethel was hurt and missed most of training camp last year, with the injury likely nagging him throughout the year. He's a proven deep and return threat. We all obviously like what we saw from Bam in the preseason and the Miami New Years' game, but he just hasn't shown enough yet to overtake Bethel. It's quite possible the Pats will carry 6 WRs, which they did last year until Bam was activated and it became 7.

    With Andre' Davis and Tim Dwight gone, the return duties will be Bethel's job to lose. Hobbs, who saw some time against Jacksonville and Denver before the fumble, figures to be in the mix. I'm sure the Pats would like to relegate Faulk and Pass to emergency duties. It also remains questionable how effective Troy will be as a full-time punt returner again. Such a role is where Bam will probably sneak on the team by.

    Davis came in on the trade because the Pats needed that 6th man to shore up the WR corps after Terrell was a bit of a bust. At that time, you recall, Bethel was on the preseason PUP. Davis took over the deep pass duties that Bethel held in 2003 and 2004, and an injury-bothered Bethel was never able to repossess them.

    In camp this year, Branch has the #1 spot. I see Jackson and Caldwell battling for the #2 spot (Givens in 2005), and then Brown taking over the #3 slot role that he held in 2005. The deep duties will probably go to Johnson and/or Caldwell, essentially replacing Dwight and Davis. I see Childress rounding out the group with his 3-way versatility.
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  3. PATRIOTS-80

    PATRIOTS-80 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Agreed. I just don't see Bethel making the team as an inactive player. That means we would have to have 5 active WR a game.
  4. PATRIOTS-80

    PATRIOTS-80 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Didn't Bam Childress play CB a little in the Miami game. Go Bam!!!
  5. patsox23

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    Um...Bam wins. Next?
  6. Pats726

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    Bam..Bam....NO contest..who is he facing in the next round????
  7. pats1

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    Wow, now I feel pretty dumb writing that...
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    Pardon me, but I don't think it was very dumb at all. It was a well thought out perspective with some very pertinent facts and observations.

    All the Bethel trade does is demonstrate rather pointedly that, no matter how perceptive, observant, and analytical we are as dedicated fans, there are a lot of things we have no way of knowing or have information on. We get some hints from the media but certainly nowhere near the full picture of what goes on during training and practices. With the poor TV views that rarely let us see what is going on in the secondary, there is seldom any way to see how receivers are running routes or if they are getting separation. And even if we could see that, we probably couldn't know whether the receiver made his read and ran his route correctly.

    But this post and your others provide points and perspectives that are interesting to consider and welcome reading. Don't get bashful. ;)
  9. VJCPatriot

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    Who would you rather have...

    Bethel Johnson


    Bam Childress + Jon Sullivan?

    I'll take the latter thank you. BJ was buried on the bench even when healthy. At least Bam Childress was showing something last year in training camp. Perhaps this move is also a vote of confidence for Bam.

    Great football name btw!

    AND if Sullivan pans out the Pats will have not just one of the most talented but also one of the deepest defensive lines in the entire NFL. Ponder that before you mourn the departure of BJ.

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