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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Mark Morse, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Mark Morse

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    Felger has just posted a story that Bethel Johnson was traded to New Orleans for DT Jonathan Sullivan. Flat out a great trade for the Pats. Sullivan the 6th pick overall has disappointed in New Orleans, but was under heavy consideration by the Pats when they traded up to get Ty Warren.

    Johnson was a disappointment here and can be easily replaced.
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  2. BelichickFan

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    Interesting shot to take there if true. Sullivan has been massively disappointing but it's not like Bethel was even a lock to make the team.
  3. brdmaverick

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    ya, it's definitely a great trade especially since Bethel just wasn't fitting in with the team

    Bethel's highlights as a Pat.....

    1.) incredible catch vs. SEA
    2.) kickoff return for TD at IND right before halftime
    3.) long playoff TD vs. TEN
    4.) great third down catch and run to allow an eventual TD drive to continue vs. TEN
    5.) long bomb TD at ATL
  4. brdmaverick

    brdmaverick In the Starting Line-Up

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    this move would be especially great if David Patten gets cut, and then signed by the Pats
  5. BelichickFan

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    OK, fine, it is true :)

    I love this quote :

    "The Saints moved up to select Sullivan (6-foot-3, 315 pounds) in 2003, giving up their two first-rounders to move to the sixth spot."

    LMAO, they're now traded two #1s and gotten Bethel for them.

  6. Pats67

    Pats67 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I'm not sure what makes it a great trade' considering that on the 'bust' sliding scale, Sullivan is a far greater disappointment than Bethel ever was.
  7. pats1

    pats1 Moderator Supporter

  8. BelichickFan

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    Sullivan is signed through 2009 at pretty cheap prices :

    2006 689083.00
    2007 901333.00
    2008 1243583.00
    2009 1455829.00

    He may not even make the team but if he came through he'd be cheap.

    He's a Georgia DL, maybe Seymour will take him aside and kick his ass for not representing his Alma Mater appropriately.
  9. PATRIOTS-80

    PATRIOTS-80 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Well, that solves the Bethel Johnson vs. Bam Childress debate.

    Now, if true, this is a great trade for the Pats for one reason. We don't usually keep 5 WR active (it is usually 4). If Bethel slides down to the 5th spot and can't be active, his ST play is meaningless.

    Sullivan can play back-up NT to Wilfork.
  10. dryheat44

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    And it's hard to project Sullivan as either an end or nose in the 3-4. If true, it's likely the final nail in the Klecko coffin.

    Sullivan had his best year last year, which wasn't hard to do. He may finally be getting un-lazy.

    Possibly the Saints are getting close to unloading Stallworth. Otherwise, it's hard to see where Johnson fits in a deep receiving corps and one of the few KRs in football who are faster than he is.
  11. PATSNUTme

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    I hope that Sullivan can live up to his hype coming out of GA. After he was drafted and signed, he showed up out of shape and never really made impact.

    IBWT, maybe he has conviced himself that he will be better off being part of a D-line rotation. What kind of a cap adjustment will that have? I assume that we have to pick up the remainder of his rookie contract.

    His number is bound to be higher than Bethels.

    Real football news, I don't know if my heart will stand it.
  12. Jacky Roberts

    Jacky Roberts 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    flat out great trade? They traded a true burner for a bust. If Sullivan doesn't pan out, this will be a horrific deal. If they had to trade Bethel, they should have got a draft pick instead of this clown. I realize Bethel has underachieved, but you can't teach speed and talent. I guess BB didn't have the patience to try and harness it anymore.
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  13. italian pat patriot

    italian pat patriot In the Starting Line-Up

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    very very interesting...let's see what will happens...
  14. Mark Morse

    Mark Morse Supporter Supporter

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    I have been a big supporter of Klecko, but I realized that he was probably gone this year even if they didn't get Sullivan.

    I like the idea of Sullivan coming here. In our 3-4 the D Lineman don't have to make the tackle. If they perform their assignment and occaisionally make a tackle the defense will thrive.

    I agree Bethel Johnson had some great plays, but they were too few and far between. Hobbs isn't as fast but he is a better overall Kickoff return man.

    I agree this is a big endorsement for Bam Childress.
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  15. BelichickFan

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    I gave you the numbers already. The signing bonus acceleration is all the Saints'. It costs us Sullivans' salary minus Bethel's salary + any bonus acceleration for Bethel.

    Here's Bethel's numbers :

    2006 500000.00
    2007 546000.00

    and Sullivan's again :

    2006 689083.00
    2007 901333.00
    2008 1243583.00
    2009 1455829.00

    Miguel has Bethel's remaining SB at $700K so it will cost us about :

    $700K + $700K - $500K = $900K approximately for 2006.
  16. Alk

    Alk In the Starting Line-Up

    I have mixed feelings about this trade. I was still a big fan of Bethel's even though he never lived up to expectations, I was really pulling for him to get his act together. I'm a little puzzled why we would trade for another DT of all things though.
  17. bunzoburns

    bunzoburns Practice Squad Player

    Bethel Johnson - OUT.

    Great, another "Sully" in the Boston area!

    Our D-Line's a tight crew. Hopefully we can get this kid back on track....
  18. Zuma

    Zuma Supporter Supporter

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    A blurb on a Bengals blog...

    “The Hamburglar†has struck again.

    Bengals OT Willie Anderson, who opened Georgia’s first “Fatburger†restaurant earlier this year, treated his teammates to a lunch of the big, tasty burgers on Friday.

    Lo and behold, DT Shaun “The Hamburglar†Smith was seen leaving the lunchroom with a takeout box of Fatburgers — and munching on one in his hand.

    Smith got his nickname last season. He was waived by New Orleans on Nov. 30, 2004, two days after he and fellow DT Johnathan Sullivan visited the Georgia Dome press box for a pregame snack. They were inactive for the game in Atlanta. Both were seen leaving the press box with a couple of hamburgers each. Saints head coach Jim Haslett said the incident played a factor in Smith’s release. (DDN)
  19. pats1

    pats1 Moderator Supporter

    Scouts, Inc. has him graded at a 69, or the borderline between an 'adequate' and 'good' starter.

    "Can get good penetration to disrupt running lanes...plays with good leverage and is strong and big enough to control line of scrimmage...fair change of direction skills...plays with a high level of energy and tenacious in pursuit...fluid athlete but is caught sitting in his stance at the snap...poor anticipation of snap count...needs to develop more as a pass rusher and become more consistent with his effort...stops his feet pass rushing and doesn't have counter move...doesn't get a good push on the pocket because he stops his feet...tends to get overeager when penetrating and can miss the tackle because he leaves his feet or tries to make an arm tackle..."

    Bethel was rated a 67, or an 'adequate starter.'

    Klecko was rated a 64, or the borderline between a 'good backup' and 'adequate starter.'
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  20. AllabouttheVinces

    AllabouttheVinces Practice Squad Player

    Sullivan was a teammate of Seymour at Georgia. Looks like BB is looking for Big Sey to teach this guy the Patriot work ethic. If he listens, some day we'll see what all the hype was about in the '03 draft.

    This trade leaves us very thin at WR. We've lost 4 of the top 6 on last year's depth chart, adding only Jackson. Looks like 2-TE sets will be the norm.

    This trade just made TC more interesting. Sullivan will be closely watched, and competition is wide open for the KR spot and #4 WR.

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