Best Rookie in the NFL in 2006 - Be unbiased please

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Best rookie in the NFL Iin 2006 - BE UNBIASED!

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  1. Lawrence Maroney

  2. Reggie Bush

  3. DeMeco Ryans (spelled wrong?)

  4. Marques Colston

  5. Joseph Addai

  6. Nick Mangold

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    Demeco Ryans by far..If we could have had anyone besides Maroney it would be demeco without a doubt..As a matter of fact I am not sure if we would be even better if we knew what was coming and picked him instead...Although Due respect to Maroney
  2. patpatriot

    patpatriot Banned

    Addai has been Maroney's equal at least. The top rookie is Colston (?) the wr on NO.


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    I think Mangold is the least talked about but you can expect to see him in the Pro Bowl within 2 years if not sooner...One of many reasons for the Jets turnaround.
  4. njpatsfan

    njpatsfan Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Give it a couple more weeks. Rooks that perform in December are truly rare.


    NJ#1PATSFAN Rookie

    I disaagree with the statement that Addai is equal to Maroney. Any team that plays the Colts does not gear up their defense to stop the run. They are all too worried about Peyton. Put Maroney in that offense and he would have hit 1,000 yards already. Comparison doesn't make sense because it is two different offense styles. Hell, when we play the Colts we don't even gear up to stop the run...we try to force Manning into mistakes. :rocker:
  6. lutontown_fc

    lutontown_fc On the Game Day Roster

    Colston makes the WR position look ridiculously easy - he just goes over the middle, catches the ball then runs with it.

    He is the rook of the year.

  7. frankiesfly

    frankiesfly Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    marques colston, hands down
  8. SoonerPatriot

    SoonerPatriot In the Starting Line-Up

    Maurice Jones-Drew.
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  9. broadwayjoe

    broadwayjoe In the Starting Line-Up

    I would say Marques Colston on offense and DeMeco Ryans on defense. But since the poll has asked me to choose one I will go with Marques Colston
  10. mcsully

    mcsully In the Starting Line-Up

    BUSH?? Please.. 1 good game.. Right now, he isn't what they expected. He'll be goon in time once he stops running into his OL backs.. But right now, his teammate is better.
  11. BelichickFan

    BelichickFan B.O. = Fugazi Supporter

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  12. edgecy

    edgecy Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Marcus McNeil, Left Tackle of the San Diego Chargers.
  13. PonyExpress

    PonyExpress In the Starting Line-Up

    The best rookie in the NFL is the player who should have been selected #1 in the draft. VY. He is 5-4 as a starter, losing by 1 point to Indy and 1 point to Baltimore. The second best rookie is Marcus McNeil, and it's not even close. If you watch the Chargers, Tomlinson runs left consistently for huge chunks of yardage, and Rivers is hardly touched. The guy is a monster.

    Rookie rankings

    1. VY: Everything he was in college.
    2. Marcus McNeil: the best LT in the NFL this year
    3. Addai: runs with great toughness and heart.
    4. Colston: plays like T.O.
    4. Ngata: responsible for the revived Baltimore D. The LBers get the credit.
    5. Kiwanuka: Super motor, coverage skills for big man.
    6. Ryans: Can we tell how good any player is on Houston?
    7. Sims: tough durable continues to give effort in bad situation
    8. Maroney: vision is a little disappointing between the tackles
    9. Jones-Drew: fire plug playmaker
    10. Mangold: only lineman all year to best Wilfork
    11. M. Anderson: benefits from spot duty.
    12. Leinart: not embarrassing himself.
    13. Wimbley: struggles in space.
    14. Ferguson: Good but not great, Levi Jones type.
    15. Bush: will make the probowl next season as he adjusts
    16. R. Marshall: stepped in and started at cb, few have done it well before.
    17. Norwood: ridiculous yards per carry average
    18. Hester: Weapon in the return game
    19. Hawk: solid, not spectacular.
    20. Lawson: flashes of greatness, but the coaching staff is screwing him up.
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  14. FilPats

    FilPats On the Game Day Roster

    Maroney for Offense:rocker: , Demeco for Defense
  15. primetime

    primetime Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    #18 Jersey

    Marcus McNeill and Vince Young, followed by Colston, Ryans, and Mario Williams (if you've seen the guy play... he hasn't put up huge numbers, but if he was on a better team he'd be Seymour).
  16. mcsully

    mcsully In the Starting Line-Up

    You know I was reading your post and thinking this guy is crazy.. VY has played well but lets get real.. OF COURSE before I bash someone :) I like to look up the stats.. AND BY GOD YOU ARE RIGHT.. I've only seen a few plays here and there.. But boy his stats look great.. GOOD POINTS!
  17. PonyExpress

    PonyExpress In the Starting Line-Up

    His stats may look pedestrian, but he has completely turned around the fortunes of his franchise, more than any other single player from the draft class. He has charisma, leadership, poise under pressure, and the ability come from behind in stirring fashion. Barring injury he will become a superstar.
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  18. checkedout

    checkedout On the Game Day Roster

    If I have to vote right now I go with Colston. I'll take Koolaid over Bush and Addia anyday.
  19. Kdo5

    Kdo5 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

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    Joeseph Addai. RB's are more important than WR's.
  20. smg93

    smg93 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

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    My pick has to be Colston. Whether he was a seventh round pick or a first round pick, he has been playing excellent.

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