Best case scenerio for the Pats to have a shot on Sunday

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOTSFANINPA, Nov 19, 2008.

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    If the following happen NE could be tied for the top spot in the division and holding a strong grasp on a wild card or division shot or even stay mathmatically alive in the race for the #2 seed

    IF ...

    Kansas City at home beats Buffalo (could happen since KC rarily loses back to back in a
    row at home and Buffalo is in a slump)

    New England beats Miami (The key to a best case scenerio starts with NE themselves taking care of business,The Dolphins have not swept the Pats since Marino was QB)

    Tennessee beats the Jets (certainly the Titans are favored to keep the unbeaten season going and only will a solid day from Favre keep the Jets from losing)

    Philadelphia beats Baltimore (From his brainless statement about ties in the NFL to his poor play on the field only a sudden resurgence of McNabb will give a shot for Philly to grab a win in Baltimore - I think they will upset the Ravens and quiet McNabbs tormentors for at least another week)

    San Diego beats Indianapolis - (Once again the Chargers are hanging by a thread in the playoff race and usually they play well when their backs are against the wall,Indy is hanging on for a wild card berth but they can lose and still remain alive in the playoff hunt,SD cannot and therefore should win)

    I really think of all these games in best case scenerio, NE beating Miami,SD beating Indy and Tennessee beating the Jets are the most likely to happen
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  2. Ice Cold Bruschi

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    Re: Best Case scenerio for the Pats has a shot on sunday

    I think buffalo beats KC, I'm 50-50 on us beating Miami, I think Tennessee TCB's, Philly beats Baltimore, but I think the Colts stomp SD
  3. jman924

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    Re: Best Case scenerio for the Pats has a shot on sunday

    Actually, the fish swept us in 2000, the beginning of the Jay Fiedler...feilder...fieldler?....whatever... :confused:
    Anyway, they swept us in 2000.:mad:
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  4. Patjew

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    Re: Best Case scenerio for the Pats has a shot on sunday

    Thanks for that run-down. It makes it easier to know who to root for. Seriously.
  5. Leave No Doubt

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    Re: Best Case scenerio for the Pats has a shot on sunday

    Nice list thanks!
  6. fnordcircle

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    Re: Best case scenerio for the Pats has a shot on Sunday

    It's nice to know who to root for but at this point I still think some teams are going to stumble that look strong and some teams that look to be lagging are going to surge.

    I think the Patriots are in that latter category.
  7. Patjew

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    Re: Best case scenerio for the Pats has a shot on Sunday

    I pray (figuratively) that you're right. The Pats have been playing well enough to win, that's for sure. Hopefully they straighten out those 2 to 3 key plays per game and turn the should've-wons into wons.
  8. jbb9s

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    lets make this simple:

    if the Patriots win all of their 6 remaining games, they will probably get a #2 seed and the bye

    if the Patriots win 5 out of 6, they will probably win the AFC East but no bye

    If the Patriots win 4 out of 6, they will probably get the 6 seed

    If the Patriots go .500 or less, forget about it.

    Basically, I'm not worried about any game other than the 6 in front of the NEP.
  9. billdog3484

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    the best shot we have is to win our own games
  10. NYCPatsFan

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    Yes, all our dreams disappear if we don't get the W.

    That said, is getting a W enough to put us on sure route to playoffs? Don't think so and that is where it is interesting to see how the performance of other teams has an impact on our road to the playoffs.

    got spoilt and used to wrapping up the division early for the last few years. :rolleyes:

    I am buckling down down and hoping for a good W this Sunday that sets the tprecendent Ws for the rest of the season! :D

    GO PATS!!
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  11. everlong

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    If we lose to Miami and then win 4/5 we are probably out because both Indy and Miami would own the tie breakers on us.
  12. the best case scenario is that the pats win every game until the end of time
  13. Clonamery

    Clonamery Supporter Supporter

    Heck, yeah, and I thought that was playing itself out last year until the SB.
  14. Wax Frog

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    If a team with a gimped-up running game and pass defense could manage to force that heap of guano to a tie, surely the 'Tacks can annihilate them. At least that's my dream.

    I no longer care about seeding, I just want the boys to have one last shot at Gangrene.
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  15. TruthSeeker

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    I was thinking the same thing, if they win out, or lose all the games, it's in their hands. Oddly enough, I feel 100% confident they can beat Miami this Sunday. I didn't feel that way about the Jet game. I don't know why, but I feel very confident. That may change Sunday morning, when I get a ton of butterflies before the game. I can NOT have the Dolphins win Sunday, with my brother in law being a Dolphin's fan, and him and my sister hosting Thanksgiving.
  16. BPF

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    The best thing for the Pats to do this Sunday is be PHYSICAL on D and start off hot on offense.

    Besides getting physical on D and being more effective vs the ‘wildcat’ or any other gadget formations the Dolphins run, the Pats must keep Cassel clean (hopefully this time they can contain that big mouth Porter).

    The Pats O-line is playing a lot better than in Sept and Cassel is much improved over that game as well so that’s reassuring but what concers me about this game besides the injuries on defense is the Pats' inability to make stops in the red zone (29th in the league) and get off the field on 3rd down (27th). Does anyone see the Pats attacking more on D by blitzing in these final six games starting with this one? or picking their spots better instead of becoming predictable by only doing so on 3rd and long?

    The Dolphins caught the Pats off guard in their week 3 game, unveiling the ‘wildcat,’and using it to to gain 216 yds rushing. 4 of Ronnie Brown’s 5 TD’s (3 rush and 1 pass) came in this formation. I believe BB and staff will be ready for it this time but Sporano and the Dolphins may add new wrinkles this week.

    Despite all that, the key to this game, is how well the Pats offense does. If they come out and put some points on the board early they can take the Dolphins out of their game. Baltimore was able to do this by buidling a 17-6 halftime lead in their week 7 game vs the Dolphins in Miami and then were able to attack and be more physical on defense. Besides that game and vs the Cardinals in Arizona, where Miami lost 31-10, all of the Dolphins games have been played on their terms. This can’t happen if the Pats expect to get out of there with a win.
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