Best and worst matchups of 2009 season

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by jmt57, Apr 16, 2009.

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    I saw a mention elsewhere of an article on Yahoo predicting the best and worst games of each week of the 2009 season, so I thought while we're waiting for the draft that I too would take a stab at the NFL's best and worst games this year.

    In case you don't want to click on the link above, the column lists the Pats four times:
    • as the best game Sept 27 versus Atlanta: "Former Patriots personnel man and current Atlanta GM Thomas Dimitroff brings his team, led by former Boston College QB Matt Ryan, to face the mighty Pats. Assuming Tom Brady is healthy, this could be really fun."
    • as the worst game October 25th versus Tampa Bay: "Bill Belichick isn’t a man who believes much in sympathy, which is going to mean a long, ugly day for Bucs rookie coach Raheem Morris and the defense he’s rebuilding."
    • as the best game December 6th at Miami: "Either the Dolphins are going to be in the race for the AFC East, and this will be a good game or they will have switched to second-year quarterback Chad Henne over Chad Pennington. Under either scenario, it will be fun to watch how they matchup with the Patriots."
    • as the best game December 13th versus Carolina: "Call this one the Julius Peppers Bowl. Either Peppers will be playing for a team he wants to be with (the Patriots), or he’ll be playing for the team that can’t afford to let him go (the Panthers)."
    The biggest question I have, is how could any NFL fan not list the Colts-Pats in a list of the best games of the week for the 2009 season?

    Okay, here are my off-the-cuff, slightly biased selections:

    Best Games of 2009:
    Week 1: Bills at Pats, Titans at Steelers, Eagles at Panthers, Dolphins at Falcons, Redskins at Giants
    Week 2: Pats at Jets, Giants at Cowboys, Panthers at Falcons, Colts at Dolphins; also, Browns at Broncos!
    Week 3: Colts at Cardinals, Falcons at Pats, Panthers at Cowboys, Dolphins at Chargers
    Week 4: Ravens at Pats, Chargers at Steelers, Packers at Vikings, Bills at Dolphins
    Week 5: Colts at Titans, Pats at Broncos, Redskins at Panthers, Texans at Cardinals
    Week 6: Titans at Pats, Giants at Saints, Ravens at Vikings, Bears at Falcons,
    Week 7: Cardinals at Giants, Vikings at Steelers, Falcons at Cowboys, Eagles at Redskins
    Week 8: Panthers at Cardinals, Giants at Eagles, Vikings at Packers, Falcons at Saints
    Week 9: Dolphins at Pats, Chargers at Giants, Ravens at Bears, Texans at Colts
    Week 10: Pats at Colts, Eagles at Chargers, Falcons at Panthers, Cowboys at Packers
    Week 11: Colts at Ravens, Jets at Pats, Eagles at Bears, Dolphins at Panthers
    Week 12: Pats at Saints, Steelers at Ravens, Cardinals at Titans, Colts at Texans
    Week 13: Pats at Dolphins, Titans at Colts, Eagles at Falcons, Vikings at Cardinals
    Week 14: Panthers at Pats, Eagles at Giants, Chargers at Cowboys, Saints at Falcons
    Week 15: Vikings at Panthers, Cowboys at Saints, Giants at Redskins, Packers at Steelers
    Week 16: Ravens at Steelers, Chargers at Titans, Vikings at Bears, Panthers at Giants
    Week 17: Giants at Vikings, Steelers at Dolphins, Eagles at Cowboys, Saints at Panthers

    Worst Games of 2009:
    Week 1: Rams at Seahawks, Broncos at Bengals, Jets at Texans
    Week 2: Seahawks at 49ers, Raiders at Chiefs, Rams at Redskins
    Week 3: Broncos at Raiders, Packers at Rams, Jaguars at Texans
    Week 4: Lions at Bears, Bengals at Browns, Rams at 49ers
    Week 5: Browns at Bills, Jaguars at Seahawks, Bengals at Ravens
    Week 6: Rams at Jaguars, Lions at Packers, Texans at Bengals
    Week 7: Jets at Raiders, Bears at Bengals, Packers at Browns
    Week 8: Rams at Lions, Texans at Bills, Broncos at Ravens
    Week 9: Lions at Seahawks, Chiefs at Jaguars, Ravens at Bengals
    Week 10: Chiefs at Raiders, Jaguars at Jets, Bills at Titans
    Week 11: Browns at Lions, Bengals at Raiders, 49ers at Packers
    Week 12: Browns at Bengals, Packers at Lions, Seahawks at Rams
    Week 13: Lions at Bengals, 49ers at Seahawks, Rams at Bears
    Week 14: Bills at Chiefs, Redskins at Raiders, Lions at Ravens
    Week 15: Bengals at Chargers, Browns at Chiefs, Raiders at Broncos
    Week 16: Raiders at Browns, Chiefs at Bengals, Lions at 49ers
    Week 17: Jaguars at Browns, Bengals at Jets, 49ers at Rams
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