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Bert Jansch RIP

Discussion in 'The PatsFans.com Pub' started by patsfan13, Oct 7, 2011.

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    Great Guitarist RIP

    Some of Bert's playing with Pentangle:

    Big Pentangle fan he was a wonderful musician. Pentangle stll played occasionally. Sorry to see him pass so young.

    A couple of my favorites from Bery and John:

    Goodbye Pork Pie Hat:

    Goodbye Pork Pie Hat - Bert Jansch and John Renbourn. - YouTube

    A children's song done by Pentangle, Watch the Stars:

    Pentangle Sweet Child Disc 1 Watch The Stars - YouTube

    I've got a feeling:

    Pentangle - I Got a Feeling - YouTube

    In Time: (Bert is the guy smoking and shredding.)

    Pentangle - In Time - YouTube

    The Trees They Do Grown High (a few hundred old song:

    Pentangle - The Trees They Do Grow High - YouTube

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