Bengals Fans or Patriots Fans?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by frankiesfly, Sep 20, 2007.

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    Over the past year now both teams the Patriots and the Bengals have been in the news for negative ways. When these teams committ offenses on or off the field the fans have to deal with it as well as the players and the orginazation. When the Bengals players were going to jail one player after another, i would think. I would think about how their fans must be feeling. If it was me i would be upset at my team, and have a level of embarressment. Not long after the Bengals started finding themselves in the news, parts of the Patriots orginazation started finding themselves there also. BB's love affair, Tom Brady having a baby with someone he's not in a relationship with ( baby mommas drama), and latest video scandal have embarressed me. Nothing really bothered me much until the latest video scandal. So as I'm writing this I'm thinking. What fans have it harder right now? Who would you rather be? Would you rather be a Patriots fan dealing with all their crap, or a Bengals fan dealing with their players getting arrested. They both kind of weigh out equally in there own ways. Look at it as if both teams were equal in talent, and put the football perspective aside. Putting all that aside I think I'd still rather be a Pats fan dealing with their crap. I think Id rather be called a cheater than a jail bird, how about you?
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    Are you on drugs?
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    Man are you nuts? Belichick's love affair? Where did you get that crap from? Tom's kid? What's it to you?

    There's one HECH of a lot of difference between the Bengals and the Patriots. Perhaps, if it embarasses you so much, you might want to wear some other team's jersey.... :eek:

    C'mon, man. There is NOTHING here to see.... nothing that any real fan of New England ought to be riled up about. "cept maybe the costs of tickets and beer at Gullette, but that's for another thread..... :)
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    None of this embaresses me. I just get sick of hearing about it! The real embaressment comes on Sunday when your team gets blown out by 24 points...(Chargers, Jets):D.
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    I think that it's apples and oranges.

    The criminal ways of the Bengals doesn't reflect at all on the integrity of the team, and a case really can't be made that it does. Those players committed crimes against the public, which affects society not the football team.

    The Patriot's, or BB's, transgression was not a crime. It was a violation of the rules and it gave the lesser teams, fans and some former players a chance to make themselves feel better about losing to the Patriots. It was an invitation to question the Patriot's integrity, as unwarranted as it may be.

    The whole thing has gotten way out of hand and only a handful of former players and coaches have been truthful in interviews, saying that this happens all over the league.

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