Belioli's true Genius (Darwin would be proud)

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Absurdly Metro, Oct 22, 2007.

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    I was reading a thread on the CBS Sportsline messageboard where some loser Steeler fan was advocating intentionally injuring Brady or Moss as some sort of retaliation for the Pats alleged "classless" behavior in absolutely rolling the competition every week. While the guy is clearly a moron he does touch on a point that I've heard many Pat's fans make about the rules changes favoring increased offense and scoring contributing to the supposed "sissification" of the NFL.

    While tthe guy is clearly a moron, I can at least relate to this last sentiment voiced by our Steeler fan. I've been there the last couple years. Shocked and unable to make sense of why what had ALWAYS worked in the past wasn't working any longer. How was it that Peyton Manning could no longer be stopped? How could the Colts lay 32 points on a BB defense in one half of football in a frickin' T-shirt game? We always win those... don't we Teddy? BB always had the answers for stopping the supposedly unstoppable offenses (see Superbowls XXV & XXXVI as well as the 2003 AFCCG & 2004 AFCDG vs. Indy). Plus we could always count on that age old maxim, "defense wins championships", to confirm what we already believed. Like this misguided Steeler fan I started whining, looking for excuses to deny the more recent proof that a changing of the guard was taking place right before my eyes. I clung to the Pat's past glories as a guarantee of future success based on evidence that was clearly dated if I had been willing to be objective in looking at it. Good thing I don't run the NEP!

    Watching the Pat's morph into a scoring machine of historic proportions this season I can't help but be amazed at the true genius of Belioli. Where would we be without leadership that recognizes and responds to the "re-emphasizing" of rules etc. by adapting both it's personnel and it's philosophy to continue to win in such an ultra competitive climate? Can you say "left behind."

    Call me a homer but after 7 weeks the genius of Belioli has once again restored my confidence that the Pat's will, once again, beat the Colts. And this time it will be just a little bit sweeter because this time we will beat them at their own game!
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